Taco Bell Crispy Chicken Quesadilla – Food Review

Today’s review is for the new Crispy Chicken Quesadilla from Taco Bell, which features Crispy Chicken Chips, Three Cheese Blend and Jalapeno Sauce.

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Top Snek says:

not only is he a meme, not only does he have a really good sense of humor and great delivery, not only is he interesting and has tons of stories, he also gives legitimately good food reviews.

E. Battle says:

Are you going to do the egg taco thing? it seems like a fail….

elijah caballero says:

You mentioned before that the taco bell taco meat isn’t pleasant to look at. The dream possibly was a sub conscious Manifestation of your distain visually for the meat. The bad experience in the car is probably because you usually consume your food in the car.

Ethan Tremblay says:

What the hell are you drinking, nitroglycerin? Otherwise, why else would your drinking apparatus combust? LOL

Ben Scott says:

“I don’t know, it’s just cheese,,, man”
-ReviewBrah 10/09/17

Kadafi69 says:

I didnt like this new food at all. The only 2 redeeming qualities about the chicken chips are the crunchy texture and the slight spice. Both of these qualities are removed in quesadilla form.

varnliche says:

Fast food, fast women, slow loving

Robert Sneed says:

Well hello to you as well. Superb execution as always. God bless you

Ima Person2 says:

You are so right about the taco meat. I always order with beans instead of meat and I can still get anything on the menu.

roger robie says:

“water consumption apparatus” lmafo

PiousMoltar says:

“I dunno… it’s just cheese, man”

Michael Carpenter says:

Hey just wondering, do you make food at home at all? I was thinking it’d be cool for someone (possibly you) to make and review other peoples recipes o r something!

Kyle Y says:

The new camera is great quality. However, the audio seems to completely turn off when there is low ambient noise, which makes it seem somewhat jumpy. I’m not certain how you could fix this, but maybe an external mic would work better. keep it up friend

Woodys Games says:

You know, we just love cooking with butter, we just love butter, 2 tons of butter, 1 Tbsp of butter, in my macaroni and chiss, or a Taco Bell sous.

DeViiaTe says:

I honestly wish I could eat fast food as much as reviewbrah and not get sick or gain 200 extra pounds

China Hassan says:


Павел Несмин says:

Quality of the picture is awesome.

MUTE8 says:

I love pancake breakfasts

CHiBOYS says:

It’s just cheese, man. I don’t know.


Im seriously so confused why im addicted to this channel. I can’t get enough

Chris billing says:

great stuff as usual reviewbrah keep being a fast food superhero

Nicholas Cunningham says:

Goddamnit. I was going to go to sleep and then I found your Channel. How the fuck did you do this? Why did I watch 30 of your videos instead of sleeping? I’m so confused by how I got drawn into these videos. I subscribed. I had to. I’m not sure why, but I know I had to subscribe. I don’t know how I’d never watched your videos prior to this night, but I’m glad I found this channel. Thanks man.

Swole Astronomer says:

In this camera ur face looks like a goddess.

Lantz Newman says:

Am I the only one who notices that sweet ass pillow in the back of reviewbrah’s car every episode?

uriahfiiya says:

Shout out to the jalapeño sauce tying the whole thing together

Agent Bill Wilson says:

Brah I want to take you out to dinner and treat you with respect.


Reviewbrah the first man-
…Sorry, demigod
To have an actual nightmare about Taco Bell

Cameron Moreano says:

I don’t think it would be possible for this guy to be not classy for one day

Ian Turnbow says:

Monday Oct. 9th, 2017 dawned yet another new drinking apparatus for ROTW..
Blue goblet/chalice (with the occasional reappearance), thirst buster, Starbucks water, and now this aluminum vessel. What’s Review Brah going to drink out of next?!

MrMannthony says:

Quality looks amazing.

Max Awesom says:

Mygod your eyes are beautiful

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

This new camera is confusing to work with so I went to Taco Bell with my good friend today to help figure this out! In due time I’ll get to know this camera. As always, your support for the channel is welcome via Patreon or Teespring.

Andrew says:


Mr.Pat says:

I’ve had that same exact dream yearly since birth.

NormireX says:

Water Consumption Apparatus, Classic lol Put that on a shirt please.hehe

RandomShooter says:

Ozark Trail tumbler? Best value in a professional grade water consumption apparatus.

Obi Wan says:

I hate when I drop something and it just combusts. Like anakin off the high ground

Cheesoos Kryst says:

Reviewbrah has one of those dreams

Daniel Sanculi says:

Better quality for sure!

Logan Smith says:

God that story about your dream was hilarious, I was legit dying lmao

blindfoo says:

how do you stay so thin i must know

Toaster Waffle says:

Hey ReviewBrah? Will you ever have a fan Meetup? I really hope we can meet you some day.

Clayton Benge says:

Review a plastic bag

Tyler Joseph Smith says:





Strange Love says:

Don’t let your dreams be dreams, brah

zx says:

i love your eyes

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