Taco Bell Double Cheesy Gordita Crunch Review

Devouring the dubiously delectable Double Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell and nearly ruining my suit in the process.

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H P Alpha says:

god, don’t eat taco bell please, nobody deserves that kind of punishment

darklotuz says:

Maybe just don’t review taco bell anymore. That shit you ate looks bomb and the sloppier the better.

itsjimsley says:

Is that part of a 5$ box deal

DJAtrox says:

dad leaves me seeping with cheese

Brady Halfpop says:

That’s why you eat like a human being at a table

Caraway 4 says:

Does anyone else have the problem where evertime an ad plays the video starts to lag? It happens to me all the time but only on this channel.

jesse kuchinski says:

I couldnt agree more. I do like the gordita crunch so when I saw double cheese gordita crunch commercial I went to the local taco jims association, I was a bit disappointed. Really no extra cheese but I still inhaled them like a anaconda eating a little swamp pig

Alistair Blaire says:

The problem with Taco Bell is that it’s always a crapshoot. Sometimes you get a decent product and other times it’s a wet disgusting mess. Taco Bell should work on streamlining their processes and eliminating the variation. I’m sure it’s 100% possible but they’ve had this problem for years and it just never improves. When I order a soft taco and it looks like the entire thing was dipped into a vat of water it just feels like a waste of time. Not a ton of money wasted, sure, but a waste of fuel and time.

dribble god says:

Joey got salty when he didn’t get his order right

faith hill says:

We All Enjoy your Channel Nice Job Son. Also, A Very Amazing, Thing, see, ‘ The Secret Behind Secret Societies / Total Onslaught – Walter Veith ‘ .

Bryce Spencer says:

Thank god a civilized food reviewer who eats ya know………normally

Yutar says:

Make more shortwave videos

mrearlygold says:

taco bell in port charlotte fl is disgusting and should be shut down by the board of health ( what ARE they doing with their time? )

628robair says:

Such a hot looking guy. So sexy.

J Granger says:

bro can we go through the drive thu window with you

Thomas Hulings says:

Reviewbruh recommends a hazmat suit when eating the double cheesy gordita

Jack Fletcher says:

Can you please review the Froot Loops donuts from Hardee’s. Thank you

Robot God says:

I’m happy again

Iosiv Garcais says:

You have to try actual mexican food, TacoBell is just offensive…

Drpayne132 says:

Do soup.

Yes It's Me says:

how the hell doess this wackjob have 1 million subs? This will be my one and only video with him.

InstallSheild Wizard says:

La çocuk senin anan baban yokmu

Mr Loud says:

“This is…running on empty..”food review”

Israel Chavarri says:

I tried this item at Taco Bell, and I thought exactly the same. Not enough cheese and it seem crudely slapped together. It felt like it was mostly tortilla and it felt empty if substance. I wish I would’ve saw your video before hand. It wasn’t the worse thing in the world, but it wasn’t worth the price.

William Barrett says:

Love the videos, keep up the good work!!

HodgePig says:

This is pure briliance.

IG Spawns says:

You look like a public attorney

Dina Tarini says:


The Morningstar Killer says:

Love that tie…

Dee Ca. says:

Taco Bell looks like cat vomit as always, but you look delicious so that’s good.

poop says:

a comment on taco bells degrading food quality, i used to loooove there 5 layer burritos a few years ago but now no matter where i go the 5 layer burrito is a joke, half beans, half beef, and like maybe one bite you’ll get some cheese and sour cream

ஃ ஃ says:

I love it. Its my favorite thing to get there.
Its about the taco bell, assuming that your taco bells must be bad. I think the shell complements the taste good but man that looked nasty.

David Hutchins says:

Does anyone know if he is somewhat retarded or something? Like does he have Asperger’s Syndrome?

Luc Turgeon says:

I just want to imagine ordering some Taco Bell and TROTW walking in while I’m eating.

NemaToad says:

LMAO when he described the other end of it I was dyin

Matthew Fuller says:

Taco Bell has never failed me.

Ikillforacookie says:

Shouldnt you eat the whole thing first then review it instead of taking a few bites

Country Road says:


Galaxy Gamez says:

This man is meme

Heinrich6745 says:

He says “You know” a lot in every single video and now it drives me nuts since i am aware of it lol

El Taco Mex says:

I loved the triple melt burritos but they stopped sellibg them :,(

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