TACO BELL vs. CHIPOTLE! – The Whole Menu! Fast Food Taste Test

TACO BELL vs. CHIPOTLE! – The Whole Menu! Fast Food Taste Test
y’all i’m here with another fast food competition! it’s taco bell vs. chipotle! taco bell has such good fast food, but chipotle is of course also really iconic. let me know if you guys liked this fast food competition video! and tell me what other restaurants you want me to review! i love taco bell and chipotle, and i think today’s video showed that both of them have great food! some of the items i compared were the tacos, nachos, burritos, and so much more! thank you guys for watching my food review!


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the invisible me says:

I’m 30 and I don’t know how to drive

Vanna Banana says:

I’ve never had Chipotle and it always look so good.

Koji 888 says:

Millennials are so effeminate these days it’s hard to tell who’s gay and who’s not.

mal_30 says:

Love your videos

Olga Cabrera says:

I am so glad I found you and you are so funny

Jasmine Mccall says:

For the burrito bowl one, I don’t know why you said there chicken is dry, because every time I get chipotle and get chicken in my bowl, it’s not dry, maybe it’s just that day it’s dry, idk but no hate☀️ I’m just saying. But Taco Bell won fair and square for that round

Riki's Life says:

Timmy your the queen and I love you, you make me happy whenever I get on YouTube

Jennifer Green says:

I think in these videos the price should be part of the “battle” because that is also a factor when some people pick food places.

Calista says:

I love you boy, but this is not what’s up. Chipotle will always beat that dog food at taco balls.

Back From The Future says:

Chicken mini quesadilla for the win!

Tashea Key says:

Haven’t eaten at Chipotle in years..used to love the burritos. Taco bell is my current passion. Sorry you lost taco bell

Phoebe bell says:

I love your videos and ur new house is so cute and you is so funny I love ur videos keep it goin I hope u do YouTube videos forever

Brianna Morris says:

Omg this video makes me literally want Chipotle so so bad I canttttyt

SlimeQueen Slime is life says:


gabby says:

1:47 Timmy thick is shOoK

Gabi Marie says:

Chipotle vs Moe’s!!

gold heal says:


Mira Herrera says:

now I am hungry 🙂

Abominable Doge says:

i love you timmy

Jaden Kennedy says:

You should have done moe’s vs chipotle

Ranisha Newsome says:

Hey Timmy tomato nice food

Megan Campion says:

this really made me want taco bell

laylaybaby82 says:

I love your videos!!

Caitlin Moore says:

Why do you talk like miranda sings?

mari ramirez says:

I love ur food battle videos so much Timmy!! Keep making them they make my day! #timatooftheweek

TheOriginalbeauty22 says:


Crysha Covers says:

Great video Timmy, I have been a subscriber for a while and this is the first video that I have watched in a while. It’s amazing to see how much you’ve grown. I remember watching the Disney ratchet parody and laughing my ass off. Great video

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