The Burger King Big King XL Food Review

Burger King Big King XL Food Review

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brians song says:

The big mac”s at local mc d”s around me are definitely never fresh at all and come with 2 dried small beef patties(WHERES THE BEEF!)usually around room temp  on the  sandwich. I have given up ordering them for that reason, looks like the bk xl is a new alternative to a decent hamburger on the go. I think freshness and meat quality are key to how the burger is going to taste. definitely look good to me compared to the big mac which is garbage food  at my local McDonald”s

Abel Cerrillo says:

Burger King Sucks Balls with their nasty ass food.

Robert Malone says:

Nine out of 10 Throw 10% out the window

#SweatPantsJoeEATS says:

i’ve had this burger atleast 6 times since they brought it back. i love the big king!

Reg Jones says:

You are a “Big Daddy “!

Gregorita Vigil says:

Hey dude your cool. Ha ha ha

Raymond Moore says:

& a DIET COKE??? REALLY!!! Whatzup wit dat FAT-BOY??? ROFLMAO! LOL!!! :-)~

Ethan Tremblay says:

My god you’ve got a fat head!

OMAD Dad says:

Your review inspired me to try the burger yesterday. I didn’t think the sauce came through much I didn’t get that Big Mac taste. It was good but a big burger. Tasted almost like a whopper to me but no ketchup. Maybe they made mine wrong. Great video!

Trent S says:

That crap will make you fat as a hog!

VGMrawk says:

You use napkins just like joey woo woo woo wooooooo

Lady Golddust says:

I just want to be sure…is this a new comer in USA ?? Cause here in Sweden it been on the menu as long as I can remember ?!

Paddy Mcdoogle says:

Imagine this guy collaborating with Joey, they wouldn’t be able to fit in the car.

Frank Foster says:

Why is it that most people in food reviews are fat and always are in a car, not a truck?

Richard Vickers says:

You can review how you like being pegged for all I care. It’s just kind of sick seeing an obese person eating junk food. I wouldn’t want to watch a junkie shoot heroin either. A salad might help you push out at least 50 lbs of whatever is in lurking in your lower intestine.

Ditc 210 says:

BK always goes overboard with the mayo at my location.always have to ask no mayo..still i love their patties

Megaglow Z says:

Next time you’re at McDonald’s, order up a double quarter pounder add mac sauce. Its pretty dang good.

John Jr Gonzalez says:

Big ol head

Gregory Brown says:

can’t wait to try one based on your review

Joeys Bestfriend says:

You, Food Dip, JoeysworldTour should have a slumber party!!!

zavali7 says:

You need diet

kojak woodz says:

There can be only one the imitated never duplicated the Big Mac….

Mike Scott says:

The Big King was not made with Whopper patties. So no, they did not have it before. (Update) I got to tell ya, after watching, I won’t be going to BK to try this sammich.

Surrender Dorothy says:

Not gonna lie.. Raw onions on burgers taste so good! c;

Tbird1549 says:

Onion rings and a shake make this sandwich an awesome combo!

Bill Gordon says:

What a slob

J B says:

*_Just a friendly public service announcement. People that post videos of fast food are aware that they’re in fact, eating fast food…._* Kappa

Mike Ciancio says:

@bigdaddysworld. I hear u. Btw what other videos do u have coming out? And also which video do u recommend I check out that u have done in the past cause I do love food myself

Arthur Bradley says:

Big Oil is coming to squeeze the life blood out of you. So smaller portions and higher prices are the order of the day. Just yesterday, Google news reported Shell oil quoted a $21,7 BILLION- DOLLAR PROFIT for 2018. Now what are they going to do with all that extra money except, give it to the stock-holders, who each have skatey-eight trillion dollars each. Big Oil could give us each 10 cents a gallon, for the rest of our lives, and never run out of oil. Starting to see how really enslaved you really efin are. And you going through life, squabbling about all your useless, petty shit. The rich despise you for your ignorance. REMEMBER! They have you divided.

Steven Ricchezza says:


steve hoch says:

Jesus, get a life. If you’re gonna eat this shit at your age, don’t advertise it. I love fast food too, but I’m not nearly as fat as you and I’m not driving around in a Hyundai or Kia.

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