*THE COSTCO HOT DOG* Fast Food Review

Today I will be reviewing the famous Costco 100% Beef Hotdog!


BoutToRoast U says:

Wtf who eats their hotdog like that… Like why from the middle lmao.. take a bite from the ends

Nihlus says:

You eat like a pig, disgusting!

Don Safadi says:

fuck you


Didn’t mean to derail your thread… Sorry about that… Certain people refuse to allow me to post without trying to turn it into an argument.

Please contact me anytime you want. I’d be honored to throw together a computer generated three dimensional logo, 5 second opening animation, etc
Hit me up

Jose Guevara-Cortez says:

Honestly man, I’m not sure that I can watch these videos without the purple hat…It’s really uncomfortable seeing the full spectrum of your head. As for the hot dog, I appreciate the mustard as your primary condiment, reminds me of the farm.. Relish would be absurd, and the onions seems like they were perfectly sautéed. My only complaint was the foil, it didn’t seem like it was high quality. Maybe that’s why they charge $1.50.

Jonah Kojin says:

Respond or I’m going to kill myself

wallyclay says:

You don’t need a membership to walk in and order at the food counter. You didn’t fool anyone genius. Real sneaky.


robot here

soonitwillbecold says:

End your life

MCIzawa says:

NP, just cash in on the insurance policy you had on the hat…. You had it insured, right?

Freddie's Food Reviews says:

man that looks good. i had the sams club dog and that is the bomb. but i bet that dog is better


The Chad reviewbrah

B34rHands says:

So sorry about your hat, man. 🙁

Dusty™℠ says:

>loses purple hat
Who the fuck even are you anymore?

You eat like an animal

Ayden says:

Awww dang, you lost your gay pride hat? /

wallyclay says:

Have you ever eaten a hot dog before? Bite it from the end !!!!!

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