The Elusive New McDonald’s Sweet N’ Spicy Honey BBQ Glazed Tenders

This was by far one of the most difficult to find items I’ve ever reviewed, the only question at this point is if these Chicken Tenders were worth all the trouble!




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2 Brains says:

They should of did buffalo

Kristel Lynn says:

He’s right. You don’t taste the spice at first. They’re so good!!

Mark V says:

Love how he manages to get the restaurants logo in the background, quality production skills

feroui hamza says:

0:00 i thought he was kidnaped by isis

Caleb Bridges says:

you have to fight ferocious battles to get sauce from some places

Afroswedish says:

I wish McDonald’s in Sweden had them

Soupy poop says:

i love you so much reviewbrah

Mathieu Leader says:

you cannot keep a good man down

PJ Mo says:

Very dramatic intro reviewbrah…thought you were going to tell us you just killed a man

James Smith says:


General Cumfag, C.I.A says:

Man we love your hard work and dedication

gravecactus says:

he really was running on empty in this case

REL says:

Up late for kiki

George Johnson says:

Brah the glazed chicken tenders in the new england area is fuckin delicious

SabL says:

emma chamberlain anyone?

LaylaEatsTrees says:

When u get stood up for 1036th time :l

Snacks Kek says:

Someone was hungry 😉

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

Hi everyone, please listen to the newest VORW Radio Show on SoundCloud at
My new Instagram Page

Blunt Trauma says:

You go across the state, they don’t have it

CleverUsernameDude says:

8:10 I wish Reviewbrah knew my body better than I do

pwilsonlf3 says:

These were the best tenders I’ve ever eaten. Btw every time you say sauce I jizz.

ProBowsmen says:

could you make a review of the New CaramelAppleFreeze from Taco Bell??

Charles The Handsome And Brave says:


NotThatGuy523 says:

Lol I work there and got them for free before they went out to the public. Good af

Zac McDowell says:

This man is Finch from American Pie

D C says:

At the start for a second i thought he was going to admit to a murder

Kolton Guenther12 says:

Thats some dedication

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