The Long Awaited Return of the Cheesy Tots!

The Cheesy Tots are back and hopefully better than ever! I thought these would never make a return, I’ve only had these every year since their inception!


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Winston Robson says:

Anyone know where can I get that shirt?

Limitless King19 says:

you remind me of one of the dudes off of spider man.

Gamisaras says:

order em fresh

The Ethicist Philosophy Show says:

Like it or not this guy is what Nietzsche referred to as the Übermensch! The pure essence of man.

Robo Bitch says:

You sir deserve so much more attention. Hope you get to 1mil subs soon! Also I love VORW I just subscribed and am enjoying myself a lot. Your music taste is right up my alley. Keep up the great work 😀

Jack Klemm says:

I’m convinced he’s God’s assistant

Kish da demon commie cat says:

Very disappointing

Voidenia says:

I love u reviewbrah

Peter Loftus says:

God bless him

FLMOTOxx98 says:

Oh my god that Burger King is like 10 minutes away from my house wtf!

L AF says:

You should try them again to see if it was just a fluke.

Alex Terry says:

You look like you’re rethinking your entire life eating these

James Schmidt says:

Grey tie? Really? Don’t you think a white tie would work better? Are you working spring wardrobe too early. I am sure the Cheesy Tots were fine.

miggs says:

Try the Carl’s Jr. Burger sliders

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

If you want to hear the newest VORW Radio Show you can listen on SoundCloud! It features the backstory of this channel and I recommend giving it a listen:

JT Johnson says:

I got some today, and they were piping hot, and tasty. However, they did not come in the same box as yours, and that saddened me. Adding to my sadness was the fact that the Whopper I bought at the same time came with a bun that crumbled into bits after two bites. Getting a bun at Burger King that is actually fresh is like winning the lottery.

Chrisb723 says:

Yo fuck Burger King bro they a whole bunch of fufu ass lames, you should just stop reviewing this trash

LoudSoda says:

I dig the shirt ReviewBrah

xx Xan says:

I am so fucking hungry rn

TheDoctor4901 says:

Nice French cuffs

skinny pete says:

when you order at bk you can ask for fresh out of the fryer they will be so hot they will burn your mouth and hands LOL

igotroasted says:

You’re the best I love your personality

_Quon Snooder_ says:

I hate working at BK

REE 4 Justice says:

This guy is more emotional about these cheesy tots than I was when my grandma died

Mr BumeBume says:

*B O N E L E S S T O T S*

Secret Squirrel says:

“do you have this shirt in more of a… windows 98?”

Not Cricket Im Not Trust Me says:

You drive a Prius

Mathieu Leader says:

the food matches the mood of the overcast skies outside

piewizard t says:

Love you Reviewbrah

Quintin Groves says:

Good content Q food review’s god bless

Comrade Pingu says:

Burger king has been offering the chili cheese tots in Norway for a long time, they’re delicious!

Reality At Finest says:

You should review Taco Bell’s nacho fries!

Jacob Vicary-Lovegrove says:

Just left Spacex falcon 9 launch live to watch this… worth it.

viscamus says:

burger king stocks reported to be at an all time low thanks to this video

KBP120 says:

2/20/18 passed by and you didn’t do a Energy Crisis 7th Anniversary Review video. Disappointing 🙁

Pixel Geeks says:

Digging the new cyan shirt! My favourite colour.

Grace Rose says:

Turquoise shirt so blue
Collar so crisp
Cheesy tots for you
Food review

Breezo Bucks says:

You should be an actor for comedy movies lmao bro you’re hilarious idk why

Smokn Bear says:

Reminds me of the time a homeless guy at MD’s said he wanted to ..”eat our garbage.”

RP-Breach says:

tried them today, they were terrible.

Matt101gamer says:

Go inside and tell them they will replace them

Kyle JAMES says:

0:17 to 0:58
Reviewbrah finds out his wife is pregnant

God himself says:

It’s hard out there for a pimp, stay safe reviewguy

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