Thorin’s Fast Food Review | cs_summit 3

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November 1st – 4th, 2018

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Lassi Havukainen says:

This was really cool

Magnificent says:

The cheese was absolute dead.

Owl says:

0:10 wtf. how long thorin chest hair is??/ XD

Christopher beltran says:

pls never invite thorin again

Freikugel says:

“Double double animal style, pickles up the ass, and the cheese everywhere”

James Payne says:

Reminds me of Karl Pilkington, but not as pathetic

Rhedox says:

2:03 “I fucking hate Germans”

James Murray says:

Californians never shut up about in and out, but they fail to realize that five guys or steak and shake have the best fast food burgers in America in terms of chain locations

Overkills says:

chick fil a is so good

Danny says:

i like you guys from beyond the summit, but tbh: listening to thoorin is unbearable for more than 5 seconds.

en1bra says:

We German’s also hate you, Thorin.

No we don’t. You hurt my feelings.

Paul says:

He forgot Jolibee

Whiffzard says:

Wiener Schnitzel is not german so jokes on you :^)

12421452142 says:

Next Gordon Ramsay

rap1d says:

Double double pickle up the ass LMAO love Thorin

lousy offcomer says:

I didn’t know they had chik fil a in California

BultrasPlovdiv says:


PuupSeck says:

i’ve never felt honored for my end of the country to be roasted but here we are

csnoob02 says:

what no 5 guys…..come on !

tya says:

waiting for wendys comment on their ranking

Sam Fallen says:

торин ыы

NVness says:

Would u ever consider fighting Khabib again?

Francisco Sanchez says:

>chickfila has core values
>owner said he doesnt like gays LMAO

Seade Cabrera Carlos says:

i want more content like this

MrBusytimmy says:

Man Thorin has put on a lot of weight recently

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