Trump’s fast food feast: BBC News Review

President Trump has bought hamburgers and pizzas for a college football team visiting the White House – blaming the government shutdown for the takeaway menu.

The White House is operating with a smaller staff owing to the federal government partial shutdown.

Key words and phrases
a selection of food served so people can help themselves
• There was a smorgasbord at one end of the hall for guests to help themselves.
• Dan offered Neil a smorgasbord of entertainment for the weekend.

has an unpleasant effect
• It’s quite mild today, but you’ll need a hat for when this winter really bites.
• Now that his hip injury has bitten, Murray is thinking of retiring from tennis.

can’t stomach it
unable to accept (something)
• Don’t play a horror movie, please. It’s too scary and I really can’t stomach it.
• I’ve never been able to stomach the awkwardness of a public argument.

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annagrazia zamboni says:

I like the bbclearning english lessons, thank you

Junroung Monwiset says:

Glad to listen bbc news review

Nawras Omar says:

what a perfect meal for athletes 😀 I bet he could have get healthier meals with the same amount of money

Amanda Sarah Husein says:

Thank you BBC

Soledade Arcoverde says:

Thank you, Neil and Tom !

Soledade Arcoverde says:

Sorriu, Dam!

Basem Tawfek says:

Brilliant. Thank you.

Seyit Karaalioglu says:

Smorgasbord means a selection of food served so people can help themselves, Bite means has an unpleasant effect rather than crunching something as well and can’t stomach it means unable to accept something.

Mai Grace says:

Smorgasbord is so hard for me to pronounce correctly. :((

Refaat Ibrahim says:

Thank’s BBC

Roseane Correa says:

Thank you BBC

stewart bhuse says:

Great as always
Thank you BBC learning English !


This maybe only happen in the US. Lmao 😀
At the same time, I heard that a long line of passengers were stuck at the air port waiting to checkin.

Jill xiang says:

best English learning channel

Mohamed Elsawi says:


Hòa Vũ says:

it’s useful, thank a lot

Boksil Bak says:

Thank you

bui phuoc says:

Thanks you all team BBC your chanel help alot of people included me

IS M says:

Great work I am a fan of BBC

Houda Doo says:

Thnx soo much

nguyen tho says:

Thank you so much for doing this.

zayn alee says:

I am from India and I love this channel.

tgchan says:

Thank you, BBC.

Duy Khánh Lê says:

Love you, guys and BBC

ahamed mohamed says:

BBC has a smorgasbord to help us to improve our English

soran satar says:

As say always love you bbc learning English . You are just great and incredible

Egor says:

Was it /pɛzɪmɪstɪk/ at 5:44?

Suad Dahir says:


Romet Zaxo says:

Very fantastic and the best

shuai liu says:

smorgasbord,bites and can’t stomach it,OK,got it!Good job!

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