Trying Chick-fil-A! THE WHOLE MENU! – Chicken Fast Food Taste Test

Trying Chick-fil-A! THE WHOLE MENU! – Chicken Fast Food Taste Test
i have never had chick-fil-a food so i went all out! i got almost the whole menu, i mean i couldn’t get the whole menu but i got all the basics! LOL Chick-fil-A has such delicious fast food, this was such a fun taste test! let me know if you guys liked this fast food review video! and tell me what other restaurants you want me to try! i now love Chick-fil-A, and i think today’s video turned me into a fan! some of the Chick-fil-A items i tried was the chicken nuggets, chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and literally so much more! what’s your favorite Chick-fil-A item? thank you guys for watching my fast food review!


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Clutch Much says:

Gay kys

Selina Tran says:

shoulda done nuggets smh.. chicken nuggets… they’re iconic

Solonge Lee says:

Oooouuuaahhh I’m a chicken

AshleyMariiiie says:

The fact that you’re they didn’t include CFA sauce makes me feel like you’re not experiencing the greatness. It’s literally golden sauce. Bahaha but seriously though, this is making me hungry affffffffff.

Destiny Lozano says:

You need to try the fries FRESH because once there squishy it isnt the same!!

KHamYdaGoddess says:

Yoonnss i use to wrk there!!!!

Anna Banana says:

You didn’t even try the sauces.

Carissa Encalade says:

# raphael gomez

Victoria LH says:

your delivery guy is lowkey stealing your food LMAO

Michelle P. says:


alex scoffman says:

Timmy talking about the overpriced grilled chicken nuggets:
*MMHMNMMNHn… It’s worth it..*

Kat Fawkes says:

Why do you act just like shane dawson…be original man

Isabella Tapia says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t think that chick fil a is expensive? Especially for the quality. It’s not McDonald’s.

Taizha l says:

I’m glad you liked everything but Chick Fil A is kind of known for their sauces and everything is 20x better with it. I would recommend their Polynesian, Ranch, Sweet Siracha, and Chick Fil A Sauce which is a smokey barbecue honey mustard. Anyways just thought you should know for next time 🙂

Cuppy Cake says:

I love their waffles fries dipped in chick-fil-a sauce ❤️

almillion lewis says:

I’m a chicken

Rebecca Ann says:

But where’s the chick fil a sauce! Like omggggg!!!! Redo pleaseee lol

Erin Bates says:

You should’ve got some chick-fil-a sauce and Polynesian sauce

Aaliyah Banks says:

Smores pie

Danielle Nelson says:

owhoohow CHICKEN

Cintya Garcia says:

Oooouuuuuuuuaaaaaggghhhh I’M A CHICKEN!

BlackCatSeven - Casino Streamer says:

The thumbnail scene is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen on the internet

eminalovesbosnia says:


Monbebean :3 says:

I said your name (Timmy Timato) to my mom and she went “who? Is that someone from Veggie Tales?” Lol

It's a lovely world says:

With the chicken wrap it usually comes with an avocado ranch

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