Trying TACO BELL Items You’ve Never Heard Of! – Fast Food Menu Taste Test!

Trying TACO BELL Items You’ve Never Heard Of! – Fast Food Menu Taste Test!
i decided to try taco bell menu items that no one ever gets! there’s some really delicious tacos and burritos that no one even knows about so i reviewed all of them! i got every less famous item i could find on the menu, and it was so fun to try them all! taco bell has such delicious fast food, and this taste test was everything! let me know if you guys liked this fast food review video! and tell me what other restaurants you want me to try! i have always loved taco bell, i honestly think it’s my favorite! some of the taco bell items i tried was the cheese quesadilla, burritos, chips, tacos, and literally so much more! what’s your favorite taco bell item? thank you guys for watching my fast food review!


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morgan murphy says:

The only thing i get from taco bell is the spicy potato soft taco! soo good

yenisleydis cruz says:

Okay next up try mcdonalds menu items we’ve never heard of. That sounds exciting

Erica Thornton says:

Ummm…. I love their steak and chicken tacos

ege e says:

I have never heard of these items ever before in my life ahhHhHHhhhhhhHHH! By the way Timmy, thank you so much for posting these videos seriously, i am so stressed with my finals and i finally had time to watch your video and i gotta tell, you made me really happy, i love your energy so much! You literally like a ray of sunshine, your energy is contagious. Thanks for re-charging me! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3

bubblegum princess says:

Cheesy fiesta potatoes are my fav thing they have I get them every time!!’ Sooooo good I’m dead

BlackCatSeven - Casino Streamer says:

You have become my favorite fast food reviewer. Pure gold this is. Much love 🙂

coco White says:

New subscriber!!! Love your videos

TJ Jacobs says:

Timmy thank you for being Joy on the world. I love being a true timato

xofashionfreakxo says:

More videosssssss like this!

Ondrea Murray says:

I have never heard of these items ever before in my lifeeeeeeee

Aaliyah Roman says:

Oml yassss i live for taco bell !!! its my life, timmy you should do panda express like if you agree

bubblegum princess says:

Also I’m sorry I’m annoying but if you haven’t tried the $1 spicy potato soft taco it’s pretty decent 🙂

Heather Jackson says:

I’ve been getting pintos and cheese since i was teeny tiny

Cecilia Saunders says:

Man! Why are restaurants/fast food places always getting your orders jacked up?! I’ve only watched 3 of your eating videos but in all three, the places you bought food from got your order wrong in some way or another =( I’d be pissed, but you handle it pretty well 😉

Unknown Player says:

The food is from kfc

Bella Noel says:

You’re right boo. I’ve had all of these. But I’m also fucking obsessed with taco bell sooo

hannah says:

The spicy potato soft taco is my favorite!!!

Raynna Morrow says:

Instead of opening the burrito, you can just look at the part of the wrapper pointed out 🙂

TyNyra Lewis says:

I would love to try these things but I get nervous and I always picture them saying “uhhh we don’t sell that here”

Tracey Rasugu says:

I have never had any of these items in my life aaàaaaaaaaaaaah

Robert Butcher says:

I have a video idea be a vegetarian for 24 HOURS

Dg gd says:

idk how this dude can make me laugh so much while i watch him stuff his face. idk why it took so long for me to find you!!!!!

40 ninerzz2 says:

I literally always get the power bowl

Abrianna Lombardi says:

I have never heard of these items before ever in my life!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Whilst I eat Taco Bell xD

taydoll says:

Try Zaxbys food

Andrea Davillier says:

We’re do you live

Kel Preston says:

you crack me up and I just watched your video explaining how youre going to change up your content a little bit and im so excited for everything cause your personality is bomb!!! yasssssss!!!

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