TRYING WENDY’S WHOLE DOLLAR MENU! – Burgers, Fries, Chicken Nuggets & MORE Fast Food Taste Test!

TRYING WENDY’S WHOLE DOLLAR MENU! – Burgers, Fries, Chicken Nuggets & MORE Fast Food Taste Test!
y’all i tried almost every menu item from wendy’s value menu! LOL this is my first real fast food menu review and eating everything was so fun. it was a challenge tho lol the wendy’s challenge! let me know if you guys liked this fast food taste test video! and tell me what other restaurants you want me to try! i loved wendy’s, but i really wanna try a bunch of other places! i tried so many items i got so full! some of the wendy’s food i tried was the bacon cheeseburger, crispy chicken sandwich, frosty, chicken nuggets and literally so much more! what’s your favorite wendy’s value menu item? thank you guys for watching my fast food review!


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abigail28857 says:

That’s a real slice of bacon……… I LOVE YOU TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

Autumn's Wood says:

Are you still dating alejandro

Andrew Clinton says:

You need to order the cheesy cheddar burger with bacon. It’s not on the menu, but it’s in the system. Try it.

isismommy1019 says:

I worked at Wendy’s… the chilli meat is hamburger patties that were burnt or too old to serve… they put them in a bag and save it in the freezer till it’s time to make chilli…

Collen Stubbs says:

everytime i click on your vids it’s like you make my whole day!!! 😀

queenshay slay all day says:


Derrien Stanley says:

It is in fact leftover burger meat in the chili. What my store did is they used the leftover patties and threw them into a bin and boiled them in water in a microwave, strained them, and then ground it up with a hand grinder and threw it in a huge ziplock plastic bag and stocked them in the cooler for tomorrow’s batch of chili. BUT IT STILL TASTES GOOD I AGREE.

Ricardo Rodriguez says:

Ive been in the tomato patch Sincé 47k tomatoes

Tania Tejada says:

¡uoɔɐq ɟo ǝɔᴉls lɐǝɹ ɐ s,ʇɐɥʇ

Looove your vids timmy. Keep doing what you’re doing and slay them haters! <3

A Rose says:

That’s a reeeal slice of bacon, ha!

Wilnor Maniego says:

I’m so hungry!!!I already et lol just see this video

Jade Cole says:

That’s a real slice of bacon!

wahed sandal says:

I miss his parodies, but his food videos are also great

jjames says:

My homestyle wrap has spicy chicken and oooooooooooh my gooooooooooofhjdruif

ChromeFlake says:

QuEEN! Do a Burger King one! I mean I’m not really a fan but you should try it!
Love you!!❤️

Nisa Villa says:

u should try different hot pockets

Rebelle is chill says:

What up my homesexual nibba Tim Tim tomatoe

Bob Lol says:

Your wierd

Mary Daile Delatado says:

That’s a reeeal slice of bacon oaha

Jasmine Kenna says:


Collen Stubbs says:

That’s a real slice of bacon :3

Tommy Colon says:

Yes do more

Brandi Soule says:

McDonald’s Burger King Arby’s

XxMeAndMyselfxX hehe says:

You should try to go to like burger king get the 4 for $4 ,Wendy’s 5 for 5, kfc value meal, taco Bell box, ect. And decide which I the best

Aloha says:

Ew, i hate grocery store dressing too! So gross.

Jada M. says:

I’m sorry but chick-fil-a will forver be my chicken queen

PatriciaPukes Rainbows says:

Wendy is my bae my queen like Id be happy if I got her as a present

Jeffery Woods says:

“Stay away, im not sharing my wendy’s”

100% me

LifeAsLexxi says:

Ugh I want Wendy’s now!!

Aleena Gray says:

Chick- fil-a is better

queenshay slay all day says:

U r so lit

jellybeanklance trash says:


kms alex says:

Wendy’s has the best nuggets. Don’t @ me.

Jason Brown says:

That’s a real slice of bacon

Malabami says:

Cherry tomatoes are the best though!

XxMeAndMyselfxX hehe says:

I got sad when he said he didn’t believe in cherry tomatoes because I’ve called myself a cherry tomato because I’m short and mini

Unicorn Baby says:


ashley cole says:


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