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Gandhi Angelou says:

If there’s egg in that McDonald’s bun, the sandwich isn’t vegan.

sara c says:

I always get the veggie burger and if you do the survey on your reciept you can get it with fries for only 1.99

Mika Diaz says:

They usually dont use the gojons for the burgwr its usuaully a bean burger pattie thats a bit wired..

Tori Serrato says:

In the US the fries aren’t vegan/vegetarian they contain beef fat 🙁

Agneskelly Gross says:

When I have a bad day I just watch Taz

Charlotte says:

Please put “I love hoodies, Sue me” on hoodies!

・natural mystic quotes・.mp4 says:


gelxjane says:

*we gotta do what we gotta do*

Amanda Howe says:

Aren’t McDonalds fries cooked in beef fat

Skylar Sarasin says:

Your videos somehow restore my faith in humanity, because I at least know people from other countries aren’t absolute douchebags.

Ruth Arts and crafts says:

Hey love hoodies they are so warm

merni cornn says:

you NEED to try maitri instant cup noodles it’s honestly so frikin good and it’s vegan too

Kira Longdon says:

I prefer birds

Akua Bonsu says:

I thought you said you would never eat McDonald’s again

Angelina Shea says:

I was so confused on the KFC part because she could’ve had fries if they were fried in the same place as the popcorn chicken couldn’t she? Vegan is when you have no dairy products but you can still have meat because without meat that would make you vegetarian. I was so confused

Litzy Hernandez says:

Did you know that the meat from McDonald’s has multiple meat in it and the fries has food products in it

ClickForTaz says:

this was an interesting experiment..let me know if you know of any vegan fast food options! thanks for watching :)x

CatVader :3 says:

Most of the food in this video was probably not vegan…

Charlie Xox says:

A lot of vegans don’t go to fast food places in order to not support the cruelty, but I also go because the options apart from chips and apple pies taste disgusting :))


Make a hoodie that says “we love a good bargain”.

Agreste Noir says:

I’m jungshook.

Twentyonesunflowers says:

Lol the hamburger bun isn’t vegan

Poppy Trinity says:

The Vegan sausage in Gregg’s is NOT the same as The Quorn sausage roll you can get i the shop.

F M says:

The kfc part was hilarious

Emilyn says:

“i’ll never go to mcdonald’s again”
literally a few weeks later, ya still go
u are my spirit animal

simplyspacebuns says:

the health grind and “no more mcdonalds” lasted about a week, good job taz lol

Aleks Mitkov says:

Just so you know the McDonald’s fries aren’t vegan

Isabella Zollo says:

Girl you could get a cheese burger take out the meat and add a hash brown on the burger instead

Yahya Hassen says:

Hey tax just letting you know that the mcdonals fries are friend in beef fat oil

Jess Phillips says:

7:21 can relate

Rashi Koranne says:

As a person who lives in India..I can’t relate at all

Matt Croft says:

maccies apple pie is vegan

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