Wendy’s BREAKFAST!! I sampled the entire menu!

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TakeSushii says:

Aaah aaaill be back for another, fast food review!

matacoz says:

Great video and channel! I had no idea they had breakfast either. I doubt any near me have it anyway. Cheers!

Loe Mota says:

I love it!!!!

David Mendoza says:

great video man.. my Wendy don’t have this… you guys are lucky over there!!!

Jd Swagzilla says:

Your awsome

Mv5588 says:

How about the bomb times ur daddy

EnigmaXXXI31 says:

lol, it won’t be from the sugar.

deztroyer76 says:

No need to constantly say you’re being honest. We believe you.

Curtis Runnels says:

every bit of that looked delicious, I am now too angry it’s not at all Wendy’s. ..or any Wendy’s at all for that matter.

TheRivrPrncess says:

Ciabatta and wheat bread is an acquired taste. I’m always glad when fast food places offer them, especially the ciabatta bread. Sonic used to have that. Just checked the breakfast menu and I believe it was either the asiago cheese or most likely, the Hollandaise sauce you probably did not like.

Whiskers Time says:

OMG I didn’t even know Wendy’s offer breakfast at some places and I work there lol you should try the new Siracha sandwich

James Morrison says:

keep it up, bud. ur videos r great

Damita G says:

Justin, you are crazy ! I feel full after watching this.

Pudwacker 7 says:

Love the energy in this video, keep it up…

Evan Murph says:

instantly subbed, no idea how I got here. but this video was gold! Keep it up bro

goodi2shooz says:

actually the USDA has nothing to do with expiration dates, those are put on there by the companies and most of the time they put them on far ahead of the date the food would actually go bad in order to get you to buy more food

Walter wvm71583 says:

The Wendy’s restaurants in MD don’t have the breakfast menu (at least not the ones near me).

9204 Shep says:

Mmmmmm diabetes

Garyb Reviews says:


Jumullyett says:

I fucking love you

Andrew Rector says:

You’re a trooper spending $58 to try all those menu items! I’ve only had Wendy’s breakfast 2-3 times and it was always on a road trip, but every time I’ve had it I’ve liked it. I wish more Wendy’s had breakfast, it seems like only gas station locations serve it. I like how their breakfast menu is a bit different other fast food chains and not trying to copy McD’s or BK, although some of their menu items seem to be hit or miss (I’ll avoid trying that breakfast burrito). I never thought to put chicken and egg together in a breakfast sandwich, but last week I tried JITB’s Chicken & Egg Brunchfest Sandwich on an english muffin and I thought it was really good.

Fɛiรty Aʐʐ ċɦaռtɛʟ says:

I heard bout Wendy’s breakfast watching shameless I was like wtf food looks good BTW good review

Nick Maldonado says:

those breakfast sandwiches are made with chiabatta buns

bksexylove1 says:

The bomb times your mom lol I’ll have to use that. Great video as usual

idkwhyiam says:

wendys has breakfast?

Tender Sheep says:

I’m blown away! I wish Wendy’s around here had breakfast, I want a spicy chicken biscuit!

PickupHeavyStufff says:

John C Rielly? That you…??

Nick Maldonado says:

damn you bought the whole menu boss.. I think Wendy’s breakfast is only in select locations

volfan1nga says:

I don’t EVEN wanna see the floorboard in that car! LOL GREAT VIDS!!!!

JJop123 says:

now THIS is a food reviewer, unlike lame daym, that abomination joey, and that weird guy ian K….you earned a sub!

Lainie Dominguez says:

Our Wendy’s in NW Louisiana all stopped morning breakfast about a year ago, same menu items as you had. After about 18 months they just quit serving it.

Podus81 says:

mcdonalds has real whole eggs. you can choose from the 2

Dave O says:

your the king and I hate you. so hungry

The Reven says:

disliked for the buscuit comment about KFC. They are amazing if fresh.

Suzanne Dixon says:

Wow! Amazing review. Paninis looked great. TFS.

Eric Arellano says:

ask for round egg at mcdonalds. its a real cracked egg

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