Wendy’s Bacon Queso Cheeseburger – Food Review

On this cloudy and humid afternoon, I review the new Bacon Queso Cheeseburger from Wendy’s. I am wearing grey dress pants, a white short sleeve dress shirt, blue pattern tie from Stafford and a black cardigan sweater.

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Source: Wendy’s

A quarter-pound of fresh, never frozen beef topped with warm and spicy poblano queso, three strips of Applewood smoked bacon, fire-roasted salsa, red onions, and shredded cheddar cheese, all served on a toasted red jalapeno bun.


550 Calories
2g Fiber
33g Protein
32g Fat


The Epic Potato says:


David Heller says:

Robots will replace all jobs.

Kiezza Mol says:

You guys realize queso literally just means cheese? It’s not a special sauce, it’s just “cheese” in Spanish…

David Heller says:

How the southern girls treating you down there?

robert13605 says:

how did I know he was going to say “god forbid your clothes” I fucking just knew it

Pighood says:


Brandon Schemers says:

This is my first video I’ve watched from your channel. I came here from the memes, and I expected to leave this video with many memes. But, I have left here with no memes. Instead, I have transcended into a whole new plane, I can see into the past, the present, and the future. All because of you. Your charm, intellect, and wit have all caused this. Keep it up, my man.

Martyr says:

quay zoe

epicmonkeydrunk says:

No ones ever put me off as much as this person eating holy

Featured Style says:

You got too damn deep at about 2/3 into the video. Chill my guy lmao

Sin7TV says:

Thank you

Thank you for not eating like a fat animal

Олег Оленев says:


Cameron is Bomb says:

Lol kazo

robert13605 says:

Does anyone else watch Wrecklesseating and this XD ?

Spaz Quantum says:

You’re a god sent

CCGtv says:

Dope content, keep it up and stay blessed!!!

gisselle loera says:

nice review dude keep it up

Willis says:

It is the greatest thing when ReviewBrah will say a quiet goofy comment and he gets the slightest grin on his face.

NightClerk4699 says:

This man takes tiny ass bites need to go review Lil Bits

Gr8HornedOwl says:

Just found this channel yesterday. This guy is a treat to watch!

Iamnotagoose says:

I’m sorry reviewbrah but I had to dislike this video because you didn’t provide us with a shot of you with the food. I hope you don’t make this mistake again as it is an integral part of the review experience


I don’t think could eaten that tbh

Maranda with an A says:

Is this guy a human meme or what

End Him Rightly says:


Sleight of Hand says:

Whys hes takin such small bites, i would destroy that shit in like 30 seconds flat

justin brokke says:

sid the sloth?

AlternativeMethod says:

Your nails are crazy long

Internet Police says:


Tito Smith says:

Their slogan is fresh never frozen. None of the meat besides the nuggets are frozen.

siiri Salmi says:

He reminds me of tobias from arrested development

DeusVivit says:

I was eating this as I watched your review. How the hell is your nose not running lol! My first bite into it my tounge was on fire. 100% on point about it being messy, word of advice save your fries and eat the burger first. The soft drink will do nothing to ease the spice but the fries will!

Patrick Bateman says:

Freaking Dolphins ohh my i love you

Doug Magee says:

That’s it, I’m going to go get one of these right now.

End Him Rightly says:

They put queso on a burger!?
Mate, it’s called a cheeseburger. How is this a new thing?

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