Wendy’s Chicken Tenders – Food Review

Today’s review is for the Chicken Tenders from Wendy’s.

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synisterz123 says:

Why does he get views? He’s reviewing shitty fast food, he doesn’t know what good food is…. why do people take his opinion

Gingerbread King says:

I dunno. Sexism and Racism are nearly gone. Which I think is good!

A Lonely Weeaboo says:

Didn’t they have this at Wendy’s like ten years ago?

Mr_Beta Cat says:

I already like this dude because he chews with his damn mouth closed.

FCastillo000 says:

Dammit reviewbrah I thought you had all the sauce

slumped back loser says:

hey mate i just wanted to ask you…
how many GBP (Good Boy Points) did you use to get this!?

Waspinator1998 says:

Wendy’s tendies.

Nail Polish Remover says:

Just another day watching Daddy’s youtube channel

333reduM says:

Shawsome Sauce Redemption

Joanna G says:

Not trying to mean but why does he look like a vampire

The great May says:

I am a new fan…and I’d just like to say that I’ve never seen someone so wholesome and pure in my life…I want to be his grandma and bake him cookies…

Audrey Howard says:

I am laying ill in bed. Your videos are a comfort to me while I puke up my guts. Thank you for that.

Alex Young says:

“That’s 10 minus… Umm 7”

This guy for president 2020

Joshua Ruckle says:

should add music or something when eating the food so it’s not as awkward

Holden Caulfield Tralfamadorian says:

Just tenders….no sauce…

Asher Mir says:

give me tendies REEEEEE

Rift Music says:

that radio tho

tyler spears says:

eggnormous burrito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

《Çhíľřęxìĕņ》 says:

Wendy’s: hey why don’t we copy other restaurants, Employee: what’s left?, other Employee: well…there is KFC, Wendy’s: well that settles it!

Syzz Gigul says:

Looks like you had a pleasant cry prior to the sampling.

Age says:

I hope I never end up disappointing the report of the week…

Roddy Evans says:

I love you and wish for your acknowledgement of my existence if only for a moment.

Ariana Omnomnom says:

Canada has had chicken tenders at Wendy’s since as long as I can remember

Christoforo says:

Hey rbrah dip your nuggets in the chocolate frostie ty bye

DaInsano says:

gimme chicken tendies REEEE

dimkacracker says:

watching this while fasting.

Jessxodayum4ox says:

This is everything

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

A review for some new chicken tenders from Wendy’s. If you’re interested in supporting the channel, please consider donating to the Patreon or purchasing merchandise via the Teespring store.

Chris billing says:

shawshank saue?

Inunexceptable condition says:

-Sichuan Mulan dipping sauce-
*SHAwsome sause*

The Sleepy Hearth says:

30 seconds in and it’s already amazing.

NoBro29 29 says:

Holy shit this dude is popular I thought he was just a meme

Michael Otten says:

Where was this filmed at?

The Bad Guy says:

i always cant help myself but have a smile of pure joy when he does his intro

Jake Buckwalter says:

cant tell if genius or even if from this universe

EspoJason says:

Mine this afternoon were half that size dry like sand. Disgusting. The sauce sucked too. Worst product I’ve ever had from Wendy’s great review

Dam Sun says:

There should be compilation of you eating food and submitted as an ASMR video.

Alfie Newton says:

3 piece, this is the 3 piece… that’s 10 – …….. 7 thats 10-7 , 3

TrifelinJ says:

this guy brightens my day

Diego_360 X says:

Who could ever hate this man?

Sad Jamie says:

10 minus 7 is 3
quick maths

Jack Austin says:

I am a human totally a human definitly a demon… I mean human yes human

Bobby Hill says:

Reviewbrah wants to die

Jesus Espana says:

this guy prolly took meds as a child

SuperCreativeHandle says:

You okay, man? You seem pissed.

dannyzep92 says:

Wendy’s Tendies

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