Wendy’s NEW! ☆BACON MAPLE CHICKEN SANDWICHES☆! A juicy, lightly-breaded chicken breast (Homestyle, Spicy OR Grilled) topped with Swiss cheese, three strips of Applewood smoked bacon, and a sweet maple glaze all on a flaky croissant bun. It’s sweet. It’s savory. It’s what you’ll be thinking about the rest of the day.

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Shakira Harris says:

Stop by this channel once more
See your review on this New Wendy’s Sandwich

Stoney Cruz says:

Can you taste the Swiss??

Whimpers2 says:

This guy is cool but he strikes me as the kind of guy who could just flip the fuck out and have a sudden aneurysm

Jesse Capps says:

Great review dude! Daym Drops shat all over it and said the chicken was dry and didn’t really talk about the sauce and made fun of the bun.

cyka pat says:

Love this dude

MonsterChoon says:

Justin has officially ascended as a food review god whoaaa!!

Jay Arnett says:

Thin chicken. As the Hodge twins would say.. that’s a foreskin sandwich.

TheZaxAttack says:

Dude looks like Wreck It Ralph

Nick Tronson says:

I hope to master the burger like this guy.

Karen Koss says:

Yep after the camera was turned off he spit it all out. That much food cannot be chewed. What a waste of good food. Shame shame.

Joseph J says:

will ferrell just called, he wants to do stepbros 2

ArchAngel says:

Even though I’m at work I had to check out your take on that sandwich. Now I know were I’m getting lunch.

puppy cat says:

awesome review Justin!!!

Mike R says:

Lmao!!! Omg great review! I love Wendy’s too so i’ll definitely be going for this very soon!

VSauce 4 says:

God the sexual tension in this video is palpable

Real_OrionChill says:

just needs some hot honey sauce.

1ma0tt0 says:

John C Reilly ay!

Candace Cherry says:

It looks so delishus

Joshua Muno says:

My first job was at Wendys when i was 15, and the first thing the elderly manager told me off the cuff was that dave thomas and sanders from kfc were friends… And they had shared the recipe for all around good fried chicken before the franchises took off.

Justin Frazier says:

That’s so cool

David Pollak says:

Daym hated it

Mathew Lipperd says:

Go to sonic and do the new chili cheese frito items! A wrap, burger and fries variants. Love the vids!!

Scott Choate says:

Sorry bro,but wendy did me wrong,she sugar daddied me to death, til i had no more money left and all i got from her was a crappy sandwich lol,just kidding,i have to go get me those soon,thanks brother.

john jackson says:

Gotdamn that’s the best one yet off the chain for reeelze


Hey,I really like your great video,I feel burger so yummy and juicy,God bless your family and best wishes.

Phillip says:

pause at 9:58

Frances Brooks says:

good thinking

Dr. Sam Loomis says:

@4:26 “Get my tip nice and moist here for you.” Ahem…

CJ Cutter says:


420 Batman says:


FitAngie says:

Hi Justin, that Bacon Maple Chicken sandwich looks good, that combo sounds delicious.

Ed Reid says:

Daym said the bun is just a regular hamburger bun pressed to look like a crossiant…lol

Clarence Boddicker says:

I wish I had a neighbor like you

Shadowkiller3S says:

You racist cheese racist

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