Wendy’s NEW! ☆BERRY BURST CHICKEN SALAD☆ combines fresh strawberries and blueberries, grilled-to-order chicken, crumbled feta cheese, sliced almonds and Marzetti Raspberry Acai Vinaigrette on a bed of fresh mixed greens. This NEW Summer salad is available at Wendy’s only for a LIMITED TIME!!!

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Outlaws Generation says:

That looks so delicious Justin I have to review and try that sometime.

ras124 says:

that looks berry good!

Betty Murphy Grumpus says:

Toss my salad dear

Michael K says:

No this sucks

urzamtg says:

you will need a shovel for that salad to compare to last week’s #LBBB. It has become my benchmark to compare all other big bites.

Zack F says:

490 calories w/ the dressing. That’s more than the Homestyle Chicken Sandwich.

fear Netstar says:

Strange yet satisfying video


I feel salad chicken good so yummy .

Candace Cherry says:

Lo ok ks delishus

Cheryl Preston says:

Yum! My kinda fast food!

Chazz Simpson says:

Buddy smokes the greens

cyoohoos says:

That’s the prettiest looking Wendy’s salad I’ve seen. Usually they dump too much cheese on it and it’s just heavy. But whoever made that actually cared.

Steve Celestino says:

Best fast food review channel because you can tell this dude is just a regular guy. You the man justin.

BigDaddysWorld says:

Looks good! Surprised by the amount of fruit on it! Very nicely made!

CJ Cutter says:

Berry good Justin!

Herb says:

LOL nice chain you tool

Vlog King says:

Love this video my brother from another mother can’t wait for fast food reviews cheers

JAX ACDC says:

That looks so good and I don’t eat salads. Great review

moose43h says:

8 dollars for a salad? w t f

Strung Out says:

You got lucky. Good looking fast food salads are hard to come by.

Lisa Citron says:

Excellent review. Thank you

TheENofficial says:

Here’s a tip. Put the dressing on the salad the put the cover back on and shake it lol
Although a lot of the dressing gets on the cover but, if you use two, then the second pack will make up for the dressing sticking to the bottom and the cover

Tender Sheep says:

I like fruit, I like salad, I don’t like fruit in salad!


great review

Eric Arellano says:

First time you’re making me want a salad in a review. I think I’m going to try it before it’s gone

Alain C says:

Alot of green in ya huh? MMMMhmmmm. Smoke em if you got em

E W says:

Great review as always! That chain around your neck is pimp bro.

John Carr says:

Hey! You should try the Longhorn Steakhouse Strawberry Salad with Grilled chicken. It’s similar to this, but on a whole new level of awesomeness. Think you would really like it.

Honey Brah says:

Not bad for $8 actually

Kameron Matte says:

U a stoner lol

ras124 says:

I pronounce acai – ack eye……………lol

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