Wendy’s NEW! ☆TRIPLE S’Awesome BACON CHEESEBURGER☆ Food Review!!!

NEW! Wendy’s ☆TRIPLE S’Awesome BACON CHEESEBURGER☆! 3/4lb of Fresh, Never Frozen Beef in TRIPLE layers with 3x BACON 3x CHEESE and Wendy’s S’Awesome Sauce smothered on top. Finished with the typical crunchy concoction of condiments including pickles, lettuce and onions to round this BIG BURRRRGGGGEEEERRRRR. This one is only reserved for BIG BITES!!!

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Scorp Scorp says:

I want to eat you

Gods Favorite Child says:

His name is John C Reilly

En El MAR ay IGUANAS says:

you devour better than a competitive eater

skull clot says:

Deserves way more subs. Awesome personality. Amazing hand gestures, you just know how too put things!

TANAR_18 says:

You remind me of Donald trump when you do that with your hands

TANAR_18 says:

Who is more gross joeys world tour or dis dude

Peppa Pig says:

Faces like yours make me feel bad for them I hope you are doing okay and have a great life I just want everyone in the world to be fair and happy.

HawkEyez M83 says:

So basically Wendys bacon cheeseburger… Animal Style.

kmiller9959 says:

You don’t look healthy

Dave LaBadie says:

I was in there Tues and I thought I should try that. I waited till My bud, Big Bites reviews it. I just got Jr bacon cheeseburger. I usually aren’t disappointed but they served us cold fries, nuggets, and fatty bacon. We did do the value menu. I should of gotten this. Is that sauce good? I haven’t tried it with their tenders? I thank you for another awesome great review. I love them, I be coming back. I’ll try this and let you know. 9 is a pretty good rating.

Andres Restrepo says:

So much emphasis on BURGERR

Tom Westland says:

Hi my friend Great buger Great video well done buddy

Bob Geiber says:

Didn’t really taste the sauce myself as it was really mild. But the bacon and burger patties were good as usual. BTW, do you guys have the Bacon Smokehouse Burger over there at McDonald’s? Have you tried it yet? Once again, thx for the review!

Sig Shooter says:

That ratio is crazy. I’d bet you’d be full for a hella long time after eating this thing

CJ Cutter says:

Triple stack Justin!

Betty Murphy Grumpus says:

What a sawesome bite dear

AlexanderPews says:

now thats a proper “first bite”

Tetragrammaton says:

I came for the big bite, and wasn’t disappointed

joe47771 says:

it sauced all over your tits, right where it belongs

Ty Sealy says:

Bro you’re fucking weird

JӦYの貓 says:

Your shirt..love it

Matavis Kubiak says:

Bet dudes car smells

Kristina Hull says:

So disappointed! Not available at my local Wendy’s. The cashier had no clue what I was talking about. I just got a double bacon cheeseburger. Still a bit of a downer.

Justin Mitchell says:

Justin you should review Jersey Mike’s. Great sandwiches!

Candace Cherry says:

Sounds good

Darth Snow says:

I love you buddy! Keep on being you!

Oscilla Williams says:

I was about to ask you how you keep your shirts clean but I see in this video that you didn’t!!!

Archie Bunker says:

That looks incredible

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