Wendy’s New Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich – Fast Food Review – Full Nelson Eats A Lot

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theendorsement says:

AND – should have been Monterey Jack Cheese – did they even give you the right cheese? Even though they should NOT have just given you a slice of cheese and sent you on your way – HORRIBLE!

Freddie's Food Reviews says:

That looks so freaking sad my brother

GTL says:

That sandwich looks nappy AF, and they just gave you a piece of cheese in a wrapper to put on it!! Your at the wrong fast food joint my boy. Somebody needs to send this video to Wendy’s.

EpicChubs05 says:

Where do you work that has you dressing fresh every day?

Lance Tieger says:

I was gonna say. The basic $1 crispy chicken with sauce and cheese. It says a lot about the location when they hand you a slice of cheese and don’t replace the whole thing for the mistake. I like the sauces being separated. Good idea, better textures and different flavors in each bite. They do a lot of discounts in the APP but the 4 for 4 is good. Cheese is anywhere from 10 cents to a quarter for most chains. Tomatoes mostly on premium sandwiches. Good job brother.

Julianne Sullivan says:

Kind of surprised that they just gave you the cheese like that. I thought they had better customer service then that. Honestly they should have made you another, correct fresh sandwich. Booooo wendys

PsyCotiCtron says:

Your thumbnail reminds me of my face when my beer mug is empty and I dont have a backup ready.

Antonio Olivo says:

Eye wayy.That buffalo sandwich looks sad AF. Lol

everlyn salazar says:

Wtf Wendy’s slacking it!

Shelby Joneeez says:

Ur the best food reviewer. Your educational, an ninja turtle look alikes are copying ur style. They also like to block me on their channels as well lol

Kasey Garza says:

I haven’t tasted that sandwhich but probably doesn’t compare to the one at whataburger, the buffalo ranch chicken strip sandwich from whataburger is my favorite thing on the menu, what do you think

Tina Sommerville says:

Loser location right there. I mean who hands you a cold slice of cheese… Besides all that maybe if all you have is a dollar it’s ok if you like the chicken. I prefer the double stack.

Tender Sheep says:

My favorite song is playing in the background in the intro!

Elizabeth Rickard says:

I know expectations are meant to be lowered for dollar items but if your gonna promote something as “new” then you gotta do better than slapping some lame sauce on an item you’ve had around forever… So stick with the McChicken then. Good to know! 🙂

Tender Sheep says:

Wtf no! F THAT! They just handed you a cold ass piece of cheese?! Knowing you’re recording it? Nah man that’s bull! Shame on you Wendy’s!

Nick J says:

Looked about like a gas-station sandwich. But I bet if they made it .89 cents, they’d sell a ton

FeedDaZeke CowBoysFan says:

Damn bro they did u dirty on the cheese lol cold cheese when it should of been a bit warm melted

Jaylin Rodriguez says:


Punky Jacob says:

That is bad business for Wendy’s giving you a slice of cheese instead of remaking your sandwich. Bad business…

C Johnston says:

Basically the sorriest sandwich I personally seen you review in my opinion.

A C says:

You forgot the spit and undernail dirt

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