WENDY’S vs. CHECKERS – Fast Food Restaurant Taste Test!

WENDY’S vs. CHECKERS – Fast Food Restaurant Taste Test!
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y’all i never realized that wendy’s and rally’s had similar #food items until now so of course i had to review them! which #fastfood did i like more? watch to find out! i tried the cheeseburgers, chili cheese fries, chicken nuggets, and a lot more! thank you guys for watching my review! let me know what other restaurants y’all wanna see on this series! also do you call it checkers or rally’s?


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I tried the whole Chuck E. Cheese’s menu… omg https://youtu.be/pcZO25uGer8

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TACO BELL vs. CHIPOTLE! – The Whole Menu! Fast Food Taste Test https://youtu.be/uG-Boas4_L4

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xXAnne marieXx says:

It’s basically a tie because he said he would love to eat both chicken nuggets from both restaurants

The Goat says:

Timmy fell Down the well

AJ Banks says:

Like your video concept… but you wait too long to take a bite. I find myself skipping through half your video cuz you like to hear yourself talk. Uh fan but damn… get to it man

Sana Siddiqi says:

Omg! Your songs are EPIC! Why you don’t have more views is beyond me.

Theonlyghostwithnoname says:

Ranch goes clear when it’s been out in the open air for too long….we spread ours on pizzas with a spoon and after a few minutes it’ll start to go clear

Breadstick hoe says:

TIMMY YOU HAVE TO DO SUBWAY AND ANOTHER SUB PLACE!!!! I don’t know what sub places you have in Florida but that would be awesome considering subway has pizza and pretzels and salad and bomb ass cookies

Rose Avakin says:

Jojo swa

Kate Winslow says:

There is no milk in a frosty

Erica Mathews says:

Do a pot pie battle

Renée Tyler says:

Wtf is checkers

ajanee13 says:

You should do a few of the Chili’s 2 for 20(ish) and Applebee’s. They both come with appetizers and food that are very similar. Love you Timmy!

Stacy Nivens says:

You are adorable. I really love your videos. You are hilarious.

pastel gems says:

anyone else looking for wendy’s comment?

Jade Hughes says:

do one with Dairy Queen

Johnny Boy says:

I just started the video and I’m already team Checkers. Checkers has always been fire

queen says:

i work at wendy’s and i can tell you our vegetables (tomatoes & lettuce) are fresh, like we cut whole tomatoes and lettuce!

Hailey Bray says:

I don’t know if it’s because you got your food deliver from postmates but where I live everything on rally’s menu is cheaper than what you said like here the stackers are on 2 dollars and the burgers are not more that 2 dollars

ashleyswshr says:

Can you bring back Asscheek Earthquake or at least make it available for download

Jessica McMullen says:

Make a Moes vs Chipotle food battle! I would DIE

megan c says:

I love Wendy’s chili!

Meme Diggs says:

The checkers buns are all toasted i work at a checkers

Jessica Osowski says:

Checkers boneless wings are amazing!!!

Katie Harding says:

Checkers had a baconzilla, which is a direct comparison to the baconator

kasey cottone says:

0:46-0:57 iconic

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