What is the Best Fast Food Burger?

I taste test twelve different types of fast food hamburgers in a head-to-head bracket tournament to determine which is the best of them all.

What is the Best Pizza? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMtK8Dgs_Fg
What is the Best Chocolate Milk? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48wLHgAqdY4

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KLG the ultimate says:

Why didnt You take bobbys ultimate burger

I Don Tcare says:

Wendies hands down!

STONER C says:


Firebeast Gaming says:

Serious I’ve tasted 5 guys and smash burger were amazing I mean amazing burgers. I don’t think hardees can beat that
Yes I called it Hardees it’s seriously called that no joke!

Creepy cat says:

does the chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A count as a burger because it has bread and meat and cheese and lettuce and tomatoes and pickles

Os'ide G says:

I like u man but u forgot in-n-out

E Guyatt says:

Five guys sucks

Golden Freddy014 says:

You Forgot In n out burgers on your video on April 2016

Bray Kinzey says:

I love jack in the box burgers

adam kings says:

he did guess burger king and rejected it, yet says he likes burger king

Matt Schlapfer says:

IN n Out you poor deprived people

hayden yarian says:

You are sus as fuck my dude….Carl’s Jr? Come on man…

Nathan Estrada says:

Yay thats one of my favorite burger place hurra on Carel’s jr

Johnson Eboigbodin says:

That mcdonald shirt creeps me up as fuck

Arlo Bennett says:

I had no doubt that Hardee’s and 5 Guys would be in the finals. Well done.

Tanay Khopey says:

Change Rip to Re

J Green says:

I like Chick-fil-A fried chicken sandwich… forget burgers!

Tech Geek says:

Great video. I don’t know about you, but I like smoked burgers. and in my opinion Burger king burgers are the best, I mean I go only for whopper only no fries no drinks no fuss

Eugene Derry says:

Carl’s Jr., In N Out, and Jack In The Box are my favorite fast food burger places.

Death Song Gaming says:

Mc Donald’s sucks I hate what they put in it even though it tastes amazing. You said you ate no gross burger, Mc Donald’s probally is.


⭐️Carl’s Jr.

Black Cracka says:

In and out puts crack in their burgers, they are so good. Carls jr is fantastic also.

nick says:

in n out

Ava 24 says:

Why the fuck are they half eaten??

Donut Fanatics says:

Freddy’s over Burger King wow

Marinette Ackerman 1542 says:

I LOVE Carls JR. Burger

ranchdressing says:

Y’know, if you take out the “ip” and put in an “e”…


U suck wendys the best

WintaFresh says:

Do a video on the best chicken nuggets.

Johnson Eboigbodin says:

And dude the A&W in Canada tastes way better

xXFORZAXx says:

I like the McDonald’s shirt you have bro and I love the burgers at McDonald’s

The True Blader says:

Who lives in the USA and Carl’s Jr. Is called hardies

I know because they have the same logo except the words

Brendon Shelton says:


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