Which Fast Food Fried Chicken is best? (HONEST REVIEW: KFC vs JOLLIBEE vs MCDONALD’S)

KFC vs JOLLIBEE vs MCDONALD’S : Which Fast Food Chicken will win?! Tagalog speaking Aussie Chef Chris Urbano gives his HONEST REVIEW of the Filipino Fast Food Chicken. No sponsorship. just real reactions and guide on which Filipino fried chicken you should buy! Watch this video to know which one is the BEST in Taste, Crunch, and Gravy!

If you’re a fan of Filipino Fast Food Chicken, don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell me which one is the best for you!

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Dona Larisa Flores says:

There’s new Filipino fried chicken battle — the ones from the 24hrs convenience stores, Mini Stop, Lawsons, 711, Circle K… they’re also battling with Jollibee… You may also want to have the best Inihaw na Chicken from Andok’s, Dada’s, Chooks to go, and others… (there’s a multitude of them out there!)

iakoli says:

You got the rib or breast part from McDonald’s which contributed to the dryness. You got thigh part from Jollibee which is why it’s juicy and tasty. You can try it again with leg parts to level up the field.

franzb69 says:

about chicken tasting good, it’s just that the chicken that we eat now are all factory farmed and are absolutely completely tasteless pieces of shit. find a free range chicken or even a native chicken and you’re getting way better flavor.

FaLLenStormyGod says:

Shakeys chicken is my fav

rjhemedes says:

I suspect the KFC gravy served in the USA isn’t watered down like the one served in the Philippines. Can you do a fried chicken crawl around Metro Manila and try the best fried chicken offered at local, non chain restaurants?

Keith from D East says:

Hmm I wonder how would Chris Urbano do his take on Fried Chicken and Gravy be like.

Michael Evangelista says:

Anything except philippine made. Pinoys are arrogant and attention seeker.

Jeremy Ceniza says:

Jollibee for the win ! You talked about breaking chicken apart with the steam coming out, I do consistently experience that with Jollibee. I also see multiple youtubers doing a Jollibee mukbang experience the same thing. 😀 😀

Jhon Ariel B. says:

jbee is dabes

Amristar says:

And the winner is…Chooks To Go! Yeeeey!

vxyle says:

Hi Urbano, You mentioned there’s Jollibee in Melbourne. I can’t seem to find it when I searched on Google. Where???????? I want to eat some kaligayahang manok.

balort santa says:

When you were young, your tongue was trained to like KFC. That is why your hooked to like KFC, like a freaking drug addict. KFC here in California, taste like balikbayan box.

Syrus Virus says:

hehehehe! Which Filipino Fried Chicken is the best? KFC and Mcdonald do not come from the Philippines. There American companies so they’re chicken does not come from the Philippines.

Wrong Ramen says:

KFC has unli gravy here probably one of the reasons why their gravy tastes bland but their chicken is good.

Noel Emerson Suguitan says:

Joy could either be translated as kaligayahan from the word ligaya or it could also be translated as kagalakan from the word galak. I prefer kagalakan over kaligayahan. Ligaya is the most popular translation for joy but Galak is more refined and immaculate in terms of the intensity of the joy that one would like to express. 🙂

AzAD STUDIYASI Mirze Lacinli. says:


Leelyn Saguid says:

I love all… 🙂 insert popeyes chicken taste good 🙂

다디나 says:


Neriza Gonzales says:

KFC is tooo oily and saggy here in Canada

imwithyoubuddy says:

Did you just say there’s Jollibee in Melbourne????

Anthony Martin Maestro says:

Mang Inasal Sir chris although na hindi siya Fried chicken pero it is a must try 😀 God bless po.

iam Red says:

Confusing title. There is only one Filipino chicken there. Both McDonalds and KFC are not local brands.

Winux Worx says:

I’m so disappointed when i saw you mocking the chicken commercials opening the chicken that’s been bought more than an hour ago and still expecting it to be crispy smoking? That’s very stupid

Ricx Basa says:

my meal ratings since I’ve been working in MOA I’d gotta try them all every fuckin day, here’s my list: 1. KFC 99 bucket meal
2. MCdos 50 pesos chicken fillet (2x)
3. Jolibee delivery ( 5 e com had jollibee for a year constructing hoping it opens up later)

Christian Mesina says:

sharp haircut 🙂

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