Why Do I Review Fast Food Mostly?

I get asked this question SO OFTEN that I decided to just make a video answering the question in hopes going forward, folks have a better understanding as to why I review MOSTLY Fast Food vs just cooking and reviewing food or other folks cooking and reviewing their food.

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Cant work like that in 2018

Sad lol

Krystal Riollano says:

Double chalupa is back at taco bell the first time you tried it you waited till u got home and put up cameras etc.chalupas have a fried shell which gets soggy if not eaten fresh.please try it again but fresh and in ur car
It’s so good and did not deserve ur bad review

Antonio Carmenate says:

Daym you always keep it real

crim07 says:

My man took me to CHURCH while playing COD, can someone say AMEN? Cant hear you, CAN SOMEONE SAY AMEN??

Eternal Scout says:

What is wrong with this comment section?

Anthony D says:

Straight up CAMPER!

Slycooper102 says:

Come on daym you can’t be camping all game like that fam

IRISnGEN says:

Love when he keeps it real.

wolfvoiers says:

i do make videos on facebook and maybe 1 or 2 videos a month on youtube until youtube fix there shit

DeAndre Haynes says:

Following you on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Make yo money bro. Do what you have to do to support your family as I do. Much love bro. Keep up the good work.

Jake Terch says:

Daym what kind of motorcycle did you have?

cj kinsey says:

Daym I rock with you the long way. I found you a bit late in 2017 but you have been providing me with that Energy every single day bro. I been watching everything you put out bro please continue to do so.

darren sachse says:

Keep doing what you love Daym, I’ll be right there with ya!

Jay D says:

appreciate the advice not because i do youtube but because its good life advice

Sean Johnson says:

You could try reviewing d8fferent stuff like places that got marshmallow strawberry shake lol things like that

Daniel Sullivan says:

LULZ listening to him tell us about all his money. But he comes on here every other vid complaining that YT is ruining his views, thus depleting his YT cash. cmon bra

heroin rat says:

im glad ur getting that fb money now

Cassandra Eaton says:

What u r playing cod. Holla out for Big Daddy. Awesome

Che Meng Her says:

Because it’s about the views. And those videos get the most attention.

Robin Sadie says:

You would think this is a dead horse but no this horse can still win a Triple Crown keep doing what you doing, do what you love. from your boi. Oh PS did you hear about the nightmare burger from BK chicken and beef on the same sandwich

Scott M says:

Listen man do what makes you happy I will watch your videos

Vernon Rochester says:

Brother got a whole new review you can do. I went to Church’s last night and the chicken really wasn’t that great like it normally is during the daytime. So do all new reviews on late night fair. See how all the places in the daytime stack up at night time looking forward to you doing it peace. And by the way we have a barbecue restaurant called Rochester‘s barbecue and Grill in Lawnside New Jersey come check us out you’ll find us on Facebook.Looking forward to the late night reviews

John S says:

You review the food because you are a very obese black man who feels better eating when you feel that folks appreciate it. Carry on.

SuperiorKnight says:

I think your full of McDoubles

How Weezy says:

Noooooo, don’t stop doing food reviews!

Sandylicious says:

Daym, because I am a true fan I honestly will support anything you venture into. I’m a foodie, and I appreciate your creativity so if you were to start going to restaurants or trying street foods or hole-in-the-walls I will STILL FOLLOW. I even follow your gaming channel because I game aswell. Keep truckin, Daym

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