NEW! ☆WING STOP LOADED FRIES☆!!! Available in Louisiana Voodoo and Buffalo Ranch varieties, these fresh fries are coated and loaded with sauces, spices, cheeses, ranches and lots of other tasty treats! What do I think of these new HOT FRIES!?! Find out!

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FitAngie says:

omg this buffalo ranch loaded fries look amazing! Wow I wanna try those so bad.

Sam hines says:

Great review bro keep up the good work

Stephie J says:

I AM here to watch you eat french fries.

CurrySoSpicy says:

Hey Justin!

Uncle Chuckles says:

Gimme the voodoo please. great review once again justin.. and i always watch the entire commercials to give you the most dough

Danny R says:

Love the BIG BITE GASM at the end of the video lol

Sydney Forrester says:

That shirt has levels of awesomeness I can’t describe.

Cheryl Preston says:

I DID watch til the goof head, love all your videos!


you sir are savage with the big bites :0

Dank Strain says:

I always shoot the homie a preemptive like because I know the video is gonna be great

BasedAshKetchum says:

Lmao that shirt had me dying!!!

D3R3K says:

Good to see that ShoeNice is doing well.

john jackson says:

Best yet

Oliver Haywood says:

I love their atomic sauce. Nicely done as usual.

Ryan Parish says:

Long time fan Justin, another great video! I gotta see you do the Wendy’s Baconator though!

tom165983 says:

Man I like e this guy.! Love how he talks to us… BIG BITE! Please never stop making videos ! Love you brother !

The Buchanan Family says:

haha Justin i would never have eaten that sauce 😀 you crazy! love it!

Josh Sparr says:

Nice video Justin I really love your content could u please pin me or reply to me I’m a really big fan

Jesus Barragan says:

Weak bite

Reid Greene says:

I really would want to try those voodoo fries

Danny R says:

They did the voodoo fries better with the sauces. The buffalo ranch were lacking on both mainly ranch. I would’ve voted the voodoo better as well. Great video

John Smith says:

Love your videos brother!! Do you do any spicy challenges?

doorboyyy says:

Love the Shirt!

karpo musick says:

8:03 Dude your ratings and “Big Bites” are Super Official!!! Trust just like Daym Drops…lol

Thomas dragon says:

Well well Justin it looks like we did come to watch you eat fries after all. The world makes no more sense to me

Ed Cantu says:

Dude, I didn’t click on this video to watch you eat french fries.

MrDTowns Finest says:

On a scale of 1-10 how hot was that last bite?

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