$1 Frozen Sandwich Challenge – Five in 5 – Dollar Tree Reviews – Dudes N Space

The freezer section of the Dollar Tree is a place unlike any other. You’ll find yourself asking, “How can this only be a dollar?” Well, we’re here to show you why! Can the Dudes eat 15 sandwiches in 5 minutes? Probably not…

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Debra Van Buskirk says:

Not 3 seconds in & I’m scared. Be careful, dudes.

J.R. Wizzle says:

do you guys ever get sick after there challenges?

J.R. Wizzle says:


▲Duchess Of Plotagon▲ says:

That looked like torture for you guys!

Ally D says:

Phil… Totally started the seal clap at the end! Lmao! The $1 sandwiches must have gotten to his head!!!

Jeezy says:

needs some color

Elvis Perez says:

These guys over exaggerated. The fish sandwich is the best out of all of them. While I must admit that no matter which sandwich you eat will give you diarrhea they are all very tasty especially for the price you pay for them.

Kings Art says:

I’ve heard there are $1 Sweet BBQ meatballs.

McCannon Vaughn says:

That looked painful. Keep em coming. LOL

MzGumby02 says:

Mmmmm…school lunch sandwiches….LOL

Roland Mendoza says:

ketchup= master condiment burgers eh..no good video

LakesideAmusementPro says:

I feel so sorry for you guys…

Xetty B says:

that’s not real fish…..or chicken…..or beef… 🙁

Rickey Bright says:

The sausage biscuit cheese one is good everything else sucks haha

davebo riddle says:

razorbread Sammies…my what is in the dollar

Paul A says:

That bread looked so hard.

Malynda Williams says:

I like yall , welcome to my subscription list!

Simple Jack says:

Yellow vinyl burger $1, ketchup $10.

Critical Eats Japan says:

You need to authorize the use of water or something to drink while doing these challenges —it’ll make a huge difference

Guilhon says:

What do u think on doing with brazikian snaks?

Doc says:

We call those ‘burgers’ here. 🙂

patricia cole says:

i knew one of you guys wouldnt eat the fish from the begining. hahaha.

Heather says:

I’m not sure about a $1 fish sandwich! *eek*

Battlefieldplays1388 says:

I got sick after eating one of these years ago

Cody Zimmerman says:

dollar tree cheese sticks are surprisingly edible , could be a cheap and manageable challenge perhaps?

Gimbrone Bradley says:

I like $2 for sandwiches but you have to cook them a certain way I can make them be right but if you just throw in the microwave to come out so hard it’s not funny and I agree with you guys

patricia cole says:

hahaha, travis face was so funny!

tasha the janitor says:

“This is not food” XD looololoool omg, 5 and 5 that won’t kill you… yea sure.

Sophia Blocker says:

did anyone else think they were potatos at first

HotSauceStain says:

Watching this is like watching someone smoke cigarettes. You’re killing yourself with that garbage! Haha

Foxyknoxicle says:

At our dollar store there’s vacuum-sealed corn on the cob. You should try that if it’s in your hood, if not, I’ll ship it to you! 😀

Narciso Gonzalez-Losoya says:

Why did I start clapping?

Jfoote43 says:

try the $1 xxL burritos. They are way worse.

James From says:

You should make a fondu using nothing but Dollar store cheese and bread sticks.

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