$2.00 General Tso’s Chicken & Shrimp Fried Rice | WHAT ARE WE EATING?? | The Wolfe Pit

Shrimp Fried Rice and General Tso’s Chicken from the Frozen Food aisle! How good are they? How to they compare to Chinese food from a Chinese restaurant? How do they taste? How’s the quality? Are they healthy? Are they bargains? Watch and see!

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“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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tyler roberts says:

I like the pepper beef


Tai pei egg rolls in the air fryer are the best frozen egg rolls out there and I should know I’m Thai and my grandma makes the best egg rolls in the world I think and these frozen egg rolls are not as good as hers but a close 2nd

Black Sheep says:

I actually eat that Chinese food bowls

Mark Penhall says:

Compared to what most Americans eat this stuff is gold.

Scot Smiley says:

I love the pepper beef. That’s my favorite

Chris Greyson says:

Thanks so much for this! Living on an extreme budget, it’s nice to slip a “treat” like this in every now and then! Again, thanks!

MrCoolDude 123567 says:

I’m Chinese and I don’t like soy sauce……….

Andres Lopez says:

I suffer from diverticulitis. It a really bad condition to have at my age I’m 22 I had surgery to remove what is called a fistula. (Just google it). Anywho I suffered alot and it had to do with eating a bunch of shit like this and poor health. All’s Im Saying is I survived and learned the hard way and I’m still adjusting my life changed I couldn’t work for what seemed an eternity. And when I finally got back on my feet the warehouse job I was doing became harder it I would get sharp pains in my Side. Witch I still get on occasion. DUDE YOU SHOULD THINK TWICE ALL THAT PROCESSED FOOD CAN STAY INSIDE YOU I used eat gas station taquitos and slim Jim’s and all that other salty stuff. I say take a second look at what really makes you happy

musicksol says:

What is this blasphemy! Plastisue where are you???

dallas gaben says:

lel in Hong Kong ,it’s easy to get food in other countrys and if you want actual decent Chinese food, at least go to a restraunt if you live outside of China or close country as a whole.

Michael Mace says:

I eat these a lot. My favorite is the General Tso but also chicken and rice

Zakhep Bloodyknife says:

420 calories… *takes a smoke*.

CommanderGuy says:

Chicken Fried RIce is probably the most healthy out of all of them

King Oortman says:

Why oyster flavor in shrimp fried rice?

David Boucher says:

goood review

Always Late says:

My family didn’t like this

PoorBelfs says:

4 videos in…. shows you are awesome! Time to sub 🙂

It's a Turtle! says:

But what happened to the plastisue 🙁

Geiokami Hasuki says:

Try the orange chicken and chicken chow mein ones, they are the best of them!

AxelNeedsAMedicBag says:

I would kill for some General Tso’s Chicken now.

Scott Pratt says:

You should do the Boston market meals if you haven’t

Jimmy pizza pie. says:

The beef and broccoli is amazing.

raedwulf61 says:

I tried the General Tso’s chicken a few weeks ago. It was fine and made a nice lunch.

The very specific channel says:

This is disgusting, cooking chinese food is cultural appropriation

SolarMoth says:

dang i used to eat these

Pineapple On Pizza says:

I miss the take out shaped tai pei containers.

Star K says:

Your honesty and humor keeps me watching.

Stephen Gardiner says:

I may be wrong, but I believe that the pronunciation of “Tso” is more like “Tdo” or “Dow” with a bit of a “t” at the start. All a matter of pronunciation. I learned this when I adopted a stray cat on the same day that I noticed an internet news item about a shipment of cats that had been intercepted by the mainland Chinese authorities. They were intended for the restaurant trade… and not to kill mice. She became “General Tsao”.

Jonas Butler says:

mmmmm, chicken balls *drool

Zac Pritcher says:

You really should eat the whole meal.

atenchifan says:

I’ll just my Chinese delivered you’re right frozen is gross

Ron Thompson says:

Next please try orange chicken,my son got a infer net recipe for it ,it used ginger root ,and I don’t have the recipe ,but dam it was good ,maybe you can figure it out use white meat chicken only.

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