A Week On Iceland Frozen Food – Day 1

Mike decides to live for one week eating nothing but food bought from Iceland – a supermarket chain in the UK that sells a wide range of frozen meals.


Joe Bloggs says:

Cyka blyat

Eternia says:

Just watched a Gordon Ramsey cooking video and oh hey, he used chocolate in curry to bring out the flavour
Sounds familiar?

Ay Kay Fourty-Seven says:

The thumbnail mug is just perfect for this video

Elise Weusthuis says:

Why is the supermarket called Iceland?????

remy taylor says:

Stuck up much

I Hate Google says:

Fuck Iceland foods with their crap foods, bunch of cunts

Rachel Magowan says:

as a stupid American I haven’t a clue how much 15.9 weighs lol but weighing 126 lbs. myself I feel enormous!

emily says:

great channel! your deadpan british accent makes it even more hilarious!

Eternia says:

I watched this video when it was released and only now….did I realise Iceland is a supermarket chain
I always thought it was Iceland being the country…like Icelandic food

disconnect. 倒 says:

throughout the week he just looks like he wants to kill himself whenever he takes a bite

Ryan Collins says:

it’s not uncommon for chocolate to be put in a curry.

Rachel Magowan says:

Iceland seems similar to Banquet in America, crap food at cheap prices

tony n says:

if you don’t like it don’t eat it and make a stupid video. some of the Iceland products are good valve and taste good, I really like the chicken tika curries and many of the other products may be you have lots of money

poodles4evr says:

My girlfriends gone for 5 weeks and she’s the cook so I am literally doing this right now.

Vonargandur says:

Iceland. A supermarket chain… no relation to the country no…. “we came up with our name before they did. This store has been here since the times of yore it has me laddie” weird brits. im gonna go off and trademark the name England now.

Timothy Verheyn Jr. says:

I eat frozen food everyday, lol. No breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, then something frozen for dinner.

Mary Sanstra says:

you should do a week off…
like a week off added sugar or a week off of caffeine

xed alpha says:

In all fairness, a lot of families likely live primarily on it, depending on their geographical location in relation to a Tesco’s or Asda’s.

Chris mcanenny says:

Iceland foods is a pit of a company. Its slowly killing the poor with it’s shit junk food

coolcreeper202 minecraft says:

“All Day Breakfast mmm” somethings ringing a bell form another British Youtuber called Ashens

RYUUy says:

I don’t get this microwaveable rice thing. Rice isn’t very expensive and very hard to make.

El Astronaute says:

This guy is stupid why did you pick stuff you didn’t want to eat? They do loads of different frozen meals, some are more expensive too, he chose the cheapest stuff and stuff he felt he wouldn’t like before even trying it… what’s the point of this – prick

adam nelson says:

Come on , now i know you dont just eat what you say! look how you’re treating the food. letting it fall apart, and fall everywhere!! if you really were only eating the certain food you say it is ! you would treat it alot better! you would not let it fall all over the place, because it would be all you’re allowed to eat! for the week! so I CALL BULLSHIT ON THIS!!!! Its obvious!!! Douchebag!!!

Art blender says:

I keep thinking I’m watching ashens….

Clement Moraschi says:

anyone else get an Ashens flashback at how he said “All Day Breakfast”?

Matthew Harris says:

The worlds fussiest eater right here..


This guy doesn’t look exactly healthy to begin with, I doubt living off ICELAND food will do him much worse than the food he eats normally.

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