AMY’S Cheese Enchilada Frozen Food Review


Sorry for not re-focusing on the food. 🙁


PureIrish77 says:

Good review! Love Amy’s products!

John Sheridan says:

Looks like someone took a shit on the Plate

PureIrish77 says:

I subbed!

Aaron Mcconkey says:

Amy’s is the shit

TrapBrotherz Keep.It.1K says:

Haha I work at amys kitchen the one in Oregon lol

Reba Reebs says:

The salsa verde tamale is amazing. The price point is high, but I actually think it’s worth it for the quality.

TheOne AboveAll says:

have you tried the smothered burrito from tacobell?

crazy tasty food review says:

………well… could go around back…..and get them out of the dumpster ….free

LIL MAYO says:

who else is over weight

Vanessa Velasquez says:

Amy’s pot pie!! It’s delicious.

Pat G says:

Funny, my wife was just telling me about this.  I want to try it now!
Pricey, but Ill try it

george harambae says:

or have you ever had a tortilla roll with creamy cilantro from pollo loco that one is the best you should do that one please i want to hear your take on it. a tortilla roll with creamy cilantro just in case you havent tried it its bomb bro

george harambae says:

can you do flame broiler please.

Frank White says:

In your opinion, are those organic healthier than regular ones?

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