Atkin’s Frozen Meal – Meatloaf with Portabello Mushroom Gravy Review

Reviewing these new atkin’s frozen meals. they’re ok, i guess :p


Purna Shrestha says:

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Foufou Vlogs says:

Oh my god could you imagine?

Simon Tømte says:

Well clearly you’re the idiot…If you’re weighing as much as this guy 55 pounds within a week shouldn’t be completely impossible , allthough it might be quite difficult..Anyways ya can’t take everything so literally, I was not exactly explaining it as a fact or something, I was simply making a point.

chaos1536 says:

love your videos but you know processed foods are the worst just get fresh veggies

Alex R says:

dont mess with atkins, you gotta have a balance of fat carbs, proteins…seriously man not trying to be mean at all, im one of ur biggest fans and believe in the things you say but at your weight if you go for 28 grams of carbs a day you will literally die!!

pigpoo101 says:

For some reason bacon is a big part of keto, I’ve never understood how/why that works out for people.


eat asian food u see how skinny they are no offense

Nyax says:

I love the review. Do more

donkeykong384 says:

i most definitely know what the keto diet is… if you think bacon for a 550lb+ man is healthy by any means, i dont know what to tell you…

Billy Jean says:

Wow ur most recent video compared to this. Ur skin looks ten times nicer now.

Jerrod Linderman says:

Clearly Donkeykong384 doesnt know what a keto diet is.. I have been on the keto diet for 60 days and down 43lbs and I eat a ton of bacon, also my cholesterol had dropped 10 points from 91 to 81.

Keep it up man you can do it.

Collector 123 says:

Boogie, you are a great person. I realize that you probably won’t read this but, incase you do when your are having a bad day, just remember people care for you and love you, and I wish you the very best!

NoVa Corvex says:

Anyway atleast you’re trying,still better than fat fuck sitting on their asses.

Igor Shelonov says:

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War Pigz says:

Frozen meals are not part of being human bro

Durga Bartaula says:

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fatbeaverlol says:

you cant lose 25 kgs in a week

DCMBR says:

not at his weight which is way gastric bypass surgery starts at 400 lbs he is at a surplus of calories his body doesnt need it which is y biggest loser first week weightloss are so drastic

Cold World says:


Yurikan says:

Boogie, another good one that isn’t too bad is (and yes I’m being serious) is the beer battered cod from Sea best.  One filet is reasonable on calories for dinner when combined with a steamed veggie side.  The only part with fish that takes some work is probably mixing tartar sauce out of the light mayo.  

I’ve found the primary issue with changing ones eating style is getting used to the portion sizes, really. =(

ExoticGrundy says:

I’m human and i don’t eat anything frozen

twightlight3 says:

Good job boogie! Keep it up! Don’t let these idiots bring you down, telling you your efforts are unhealthy. The #1 thing you can do is eat less than you need. These people don’t understand what food addiction is really like and I don’t either, I’m almost anorexic but boogie, keep it up!

Ertiyed says:

I wasnt sure about that so I looked it up on wikipedia and got the following result:
Typical total fat composition is roughly (rounded to digits): 1% ω-3, 14% ω-6, 71% ω-9 (65% oleic and 6% palmitoleic), and 14% saturated fat (palmitic acid).

where “ω” means omega. in other words 1% omega-3 and 14% omega-6

oh well

donkeykong384 says:

definitely slow, but i prefer it that way, especially since im not enhanced.

rajonbdjsr says:

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jake doe says:

pictures on frozen meals are sooo off, it might as well be a different meal

Kielland Supernault says:

Steam some veggies bro

Will Start says:

55 pounds in a week? what.

timberwolves100 says:

Dude you won’t have a successful diet eating that shit. Frozen processed foods are terrible for you and weight loss. Eat alot of fresh Organic fruits and vegetables and start lower your meat consumption period. It’s only because your addicted to it, that you think you need it. Also avoid anything that claims to be DIET in drinks. Aspartame, Sucralose, Splenda, etc. are sweetners that can actually make you gain weight and even impair brain function after daily ingestion.

Simon Tømte says:

Heh well 55 pounds may be a little over the top, but I’d say 25 – 30 pounds is a really possible thing to do if you’re as heavy as this guy…And really motivated obviously…

ImA_TRex says:

Lots of douche bag comments.  BOOGIE RULEZ

asalade says:

Bad carbs in mushrooms? Who has been messing with your mind?

Mr EpicAfro says:

Boogie is cool

Big Spicy Jumbo says:

55lb in a week? You’re gonna have to lose some limbs for that

Simon Tømte says:

Ehm well, when I said that some very focused people could possibly lose 50 pounds within a week it was more just to critizise the fact that he has lost 50 pounds in several years…Yeah obviously, loosing weight too quick is dangerous

donkeykong384 says:

easy way of getting in fats is my guess.

Matthew Ottewell says:

You are the one who isn’t so smart. You do not need fruit. Vegetables are in the meal. Meat is…well…protein. That admittedly low quality piece of meat is a lot healthier than nasty organic fruit. And I happen to love Aspartame and Sucralose.

My question is, if your brain function is so superior to my Sucralose/Aspartame impaired mind, why can’t you write a proper English sentence?

Gabe says:

Smoke weed everyday

Thtguyoverthere says:

55 pounds in a week? You fucking idiot.

NoVa Corvex says:

285 to 250 is kinda slow lol,but now i discover the best way to maintian weight and build muscle,eat a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein,such a good energy source.

Denis Morissette says:

Eating frozen instead of preparing it from A is called laziness.

ihmen says:

no he is not doing good on his own. all you have to do is look at his progress.
The most he ever weighed was 563, but what he doesnt tell you was that this was over 5 years ago. about 3 years ago he was down to 510 and he has hovered around there ever since.
so in the past 3 YEARS he has made no progress. he always says “well ive lost 50 pounds, ive lost 50 pounds” yeah, 50 pounds five years ago. what has he lost since? a few pounds of water weight that he just gains back a week later.

Denis Morissette says:

Don’t eat frozen food. Unfreeze it first!

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