Banquet Beef Showdown – TV Dinner Reviews – brutalfoods

Ian reviews four (count ’em, FOUR) “beef-ish” Banquet frozen TV Dinners.
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Theodora Dennis says:

Favorite series on YT atm

J Breazy says:

Ian should review some other people’s review of stuff

MrTenshiSenpai says:

Brutalmoose i enjoy your channel because you literally always show stuff from my childhood. your like vaperwave but without the obnoxious vaper part, just the nostalgia.

hilife 0.o says:

Do you eat all your meals on that turntable? That’s luxury

sammygirl322 says:

Ah, yes. Spaghetti and Meatballs. That good old American classic.

The FreakShow says:

I shouted at the children’s neighborhood about this and now I’m being forced to move out of the neighborhood

The Lingering Will says:

*M E A T B A L L S*

David The Bear says:

strange corn alert red alert

Mariah Steele says:

Awesome video as always! Your editing always cracks me up! Maybe for another video you could review Marie Callender? I love to eat their chicken pot pies every once in a while since they’re quite salty <:)

THEGAMEGOD7777 says:

This one felt really over-edited not gonna lie. Green-screening yourself into the food was a cool trick tho.

Intelliraptor says:

i love this beefy stoner

jesus christgau says:

BANQUET BREAKFASTS!!!seriously, frozen microwaved eggs!! deliiscous!! also maybe hotpockets or microwaveable burritos… don’t they (the store not banquet) have indian dishes curries and such too?

Blob boy origins says:

I’d love see you do this with cup of noodles. But do the Maruchan brand because that is the superior instant noodle brand.

Mr.FluffyFace says:

Lean Cuisine

rjmario22 says:

next time please use a butter knife, that sharp knife is giving me anxiety watching you eat with it.

Nihilore - Royalty Free Music says:

Frozen meals in Australia don’t have desserts with them and it seems so completely bizarre to me that yours do

Retro Plus says:

The edits are what makes these worth watching. You know how to do funny edits.

Douch Mush says:

use the FUCKING oven BITCH

August West says:

“Mashed potatoes made with real cream!” Not made of real potatoes though…

Beaglebark413 says:

I eat banquet all the time! I usually get the chicken strips. I think they’re pretty good. OBEY MY FOOD OPINIONS!

Wirza says:

I had to live off of these and hungry man dinners in early 2017, wow do I not miss it

hornetkiller25 says:

Im a fricking *”Hungry Man”* right now, just want some sallsbury steak!

Queen Libra says:

*How about chef boiardi cans?*

Anthony Cundro says:

please do marie callender

McGack1 says:

the sad meat loaf theme made me think of Terranigma

Deangelo Willis says:

“Better than prison food”
– Banquet

maxyman70322 says:

You should try Healthy Choice next

Carmine Iacona says:

RTC fairground music was a nice touch.

Brendan Galvin says:

Lunch with Ian. Don’t get better than this.

Angelo Chavez says:

Obey my food opinion, B*tch

L M F A O says:


RevineYT says:

each one took ~9 minutes to review (if you wanted all of the reviews to be the same length it would be ~9 minutes)

Pickles Dill says:

“Can I just look at you eating?”
— Ryan Haywood, Let’s Play Minecraft Episode 52, Shopping List (Part 1)

Gaming Warlord says:

So why did you started to review food?

metalhead24 68 says:

You should try dollar store frozen food

Yuukecchi says:

Just watch an episode of gordon ramsey and you’ll know food words

Beautiful Duwang says:

I love these videos so much never stop making them

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