Banquet Chicken Strips Meal Review

Banquet upgrades their Chicken Strips TV dinner, with larger portions, macaroni and cheese, and more upscale chicken strips. How does it taste? Let’s find out!

My review of the old version of this Banquet dinner, for comparison:

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Toby LastName says:

great moves Robert keep it up

Noah says:

Hey Robert, love your videos sooo much!! Would you ever do a fan meetup in Bethesda?

Fortunate Nickel Store says:

Are you related to Prof. William Dyer of Miskatonic University? My great grandfather was in the geology department under him and actually joined him on the Pabodie Expedition to Antarctica in 1930.

Nova 132445 says:

Can you believe Ross is a big you tuber rob

kidmuzic satown says:

I love your videos and I love Bob is he so funny

EthanFB says:


Dominion Interactive says:

Another great video rob keep it up!!!

Luke Kasz says:

Try the Salisbury Steak by Banquet if you enjoy 3rd degree burns. 10/10 would microwave again.

Willie McGee says:

Those Banquet dinners are definitely priced to move. I still prefer the Swanson’s Hungry Mans or the Stouffer’s if I’m splurging.

Toby LastName says:

great moves Robert keep it up, I’m proud of you

mrlbx2017 lbxguy2017 says:

owsome dude

Obama8myKFC says:

wtf……… did I just watch.

Da Komment Section says:

Love your videos, Rob. Any chance you’ll be reviewing Totino’s Pizza Rolls in the near future?

sam johnson says:

that jacket makes me think you hunted those chickens yourself Robert

Danny P says:

oven thuglife malt

illustrationsofanger says:

Chicken nugger are better than chicken tendie prove me wrong

yo supDude says:

this guy has like 1000000 dead bodies in his wall.

Raiden Yukio says:

Rob is a tendie boy!

Daniel Harp says:

Yo dude this shit is dope

joe whiteman says:

whats wrong with him?

Trashy9001 says:

Nice Minecraft eye brows

Boston Bruins says:

Robert these videos are fucking pointless. The only thing that people can draw from this is how retarded you are on a scale of one to ten. Why don’t you show us a fucking video of the corn in your poop too, jackass? Also, I can’t tell if you’re looking at me, or what?? Jesus Christ, get a grip. Tear that TJ Maxx wrapping paper off your wall and get some glasses that dont make you look like a mental inpatient. You look like a lemur on LSD.

jonathan casagrande says:

gimmie gimmie chicken tendies. Be they crispy or from Wendy’s

Oakley says:

I absolutely love your videos Robert. Keep them up!

Tenyo ᅚ says:

they call you smart guy? are you also big boi?

googie says:

great chicken tendies review

J Corbett says:

The face you made after eating the corn, priceless

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