Banquet: Classic Fried Chicken Review

This is a taste test/review of the Banquet Select Recipes Premium Meals Classic Fried Chicken frozen meal. It is “crispy, batter-dipped fried chicken thigh with back portion with mashed potatoes and corn”. It is 440 calories.

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Eric Weirath says:

Have you tried the el charrito enchilada meals? I think they are within your calorie limits and are very cheap. Pretty good for frozen. Not great in sodium department but if your eating frozen foods what can you expect

Jessica M. says:

Great review! Just wondering if you enjoy KFCs or Popeyes fried chicken? I rather eat KFCs chicken but I like Popeyes gravy more. Thanks.

Jocelyn Paul says:

forgive me in advance but I noticed not only from him but some of my friends who are a little bit heavy set always claiming food they don’t like now forgive me for asking this this is just a question that I’ve been wondering for a while if you’re so picky about what you eat then how do you explain your size I’m very very sorry if it comes off rude this is just one of those questions that’s been bothering me for a while now remember I’m not a mean person just a very curious one

YouReallyMadHuh says:

I remember being so happy as a child when I saw my mom buy these! Now it looks like vegetarian fake molded chicken.

Life Lover says:

These are only worth eating if you heat in the oven. Skip the microwave, or you’ll be wasting your money.

Add a dab of butter to the corn and mashed potatoes and you’re good to go!

Amanda Aubin says:

I haven’t seen these in awhile. A neighborhood Walmart in my town was the only place I saw them and seems they stopped stocking them 🙁

vincent morgan says:

banquet is the worst tasting dinners of all time. yes they are very low cost . ypou get what you pay for.

Tiffany Nguyen says:


Luke Pate says:

Had it,loved it !!! Still have them here in Texas.Having the big box Banquet chicken tonight,(2lb 10oz) and making mashed potatoes and gravy,veggies tonight.Great vid,thank you,subbed and scribed, 🙂

Scott M says:

How many calories do you eat in a day? 440 is not high for a lunch if you’re doing the average 2000 a day.

Alison Williams says:

I grew up on Banquet chicken. Love it!

Rk Carson II says:

I miss the old version it was good but good video.

Mark slider says:

Thanks for another great review I actually tried the barilla Italian entrees marinara penne and I saw your review and I picked it up and I really liked it keep up the great reviews

John Rouleau says:

Banquet uses choice chicken not sure on the grade but a mate of my in The States that works as a poultry inspector says it is his go to, but buys the frozen box chicken on its own. Every time I visit the States I get it like the leg mainly

Ismael Ascencio says:

Has anyone seen this meal at any store in san francisco or the east bay

Ty Johnston says:

Banquet dinners are an old favorite going back ages. And often I can find them for only a buck. Not the healthiest of meals, nor even the best, but it’s fast and cheap and brings a little nostalgia. Thanks for the review. Also, if you buy the Banquet chicken by itself, you might try it in the oven for dinner; or at least that’s how I like it best.

Marc says:

They changed there recipe like 4 months ago and it hasn’t tasted the same since, it is not as good as it used to be. It is impossible to find the old ones

Kurt Wetzel says:

Banquet fried chicken is sold separate in a box at the grocery store. I recommend trying it first in this meal before you spend more on just the chicken and do not like it.

OldJunkDodge says:

Unfortunately, you will have to cook these in the oven to get the chicken ‘crispy’, the microwave will not crisp anything. But the oven takes 45 min, so most people will use the microwave. Banquet has always had great frozen chicken dinners.

Craft Corner with Esther C says:

We have gotten the chicken by itself at Save a Lot. I have seen it elsewhere but for much more

frank rinaldi says:

yes why are you worried about calorie count, and your not worried about sodium, and sat fat..if you put it in the oven it dose come out crispy ,keep up the good work on your reviews

Darcy Lyons says:

When something needs a little flavor I always go straight for the black pepper instant flavor, LOL!

Berkshire Bacon Lover says:

I meant to ask this on the Family channel too, and I understand the calorie count concern, however other things are bad in many products in large quantities. Do you set limits on things like fat, sodium, cholesterol, carbs etc…? Thanks!

Vinny says:

Awesome Review! You should try Tai Pei Orange Chicken. It is a very good meal with a great blend of orange chicken and vegetables and it’s only 250 CALORIES!!!!

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