Banquet Meat Loaf Dinner REVIEW

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peter Nguyen says:

I dont get it, He expect this tv dinner to be like a 5 stars restaurant food. Nigga that’s why it is 10 for 8, DUMB ASS. I know for sure if I was drunk and got home, and there is nothing to eat but those tv dinners, Best believe I’m going to eat it.

Julio Peinado says:

Keep in mind that pizza and pudding never mix. Same thing with Mac and cheese with pudding.

eskimokiss says:

Tried this and almost got sick… gave the meat to my 2 dogs and threw the rest away.

bigkdrman1 says:

Your sarcasm is about a thick as the gravy.

TviruZ says:

you where just so much better befour the cash devil got an hand on you

Kyle Flash says:

Soo much detail on a review of a cheap TV dinner dkm

may the wind be in your face says:

You couldn’t get me drunk enough to eat this garbage. Banquet and CONAGRA are the devil.

Chris Kaltofen says:

What has my life come to? I’m literally watching a guy cook a tv dinner for my entertainment…smh

joe whiteman says:

Chinese Japanese dirty knees look at these.

Gera Floreale says:

Banquet is so fucking horrible. Just get Hungry Man or Boston Market

Monica says:

They’ve added a cinnamon-apple dessert to it now, but now you get less food than before they added the dessert. The meatloaf patty is now half the size it was, & both the corn & mashed potatoes have been reduced by at least 1/3, probably closer to 2/3-3/4. I don’t much of an appetite. I eat very little at a time, so the amount they gave in 2008 was plenty for me. Now? I need 2 of these to get full…appetite has not changed; I still eat very little.

richie649 says:

the early tv dinners that were in aluminum trays covered in tin foil were much better.

J&J inc says:

It’s not worth 1 dollar?

ballerstew says:

I know you read comments so PLease Bring Back Freezer Burns!!!!!!!!!!!!! What we gotta do to bring u back?

martin27 says:

ewww. loool.

ricardo giacoman says:

have you tasted DOG FOOD & SAND ??? How do you know this produc taste like DOG FOOD AND SAND ?? have you tried this two items ?????

Tristan says:

I practically grew up on movie dinners since both my parents traveled and worked nights.. Man, let me tell you, I loved them. But this one was the one I enjoyed the least. The best ones were the chicken nugget ones lol

Daniel says:


smokethecigs says:


BarbecueinItUpGood says:

Swanson TV Dinners NEED to come back!!!
I had a Hungry Man (←now it’s own Brand Name!) Fried Chicken dinner last week. I cooked it in the oven (the “right” way!). & I have to say; the 45-55 min. was WORTH the wait!
It really was pretty good!

Chris Duncan says:

8 for 10?????????? back in 2008? Where the fuck do you live, Beverly fucking Hills???????

Jocelyn Paul says:

I buy Banquet TV dinners they are pretty tasty I especially like the beef stroganoff spaghetti and meatballs and you can get banquet Salisbury steak patties 6 come in a box I fix two side dishes and there is dinner I am on a very strict budget

robert crosier says:

You do not have a knife in your kitchen?

Hy Menbreaker says:

you’re an idiot. use a fork to cut the film you dork!

Bill Cipher says:

You put the banquet meatloaf for 3 minutes stir and microwave 1:30 minutes

Kolin Dunn says:


Daniel says:

Is this Eze Ballaloup couten uten ballaloup

justin M says:

these tv dinners used to be actually good in the 80s to mid 90s. then something happened to them…around the time they reduced the price of these by like 50percent. I think that was when they started to replace the meat with human shit.

Titan Blaximus says:

Worst TV dinner ever, meat tasted like pure road kill. I’m serious. Nah nah I’m just kidding, I’m sure road kill tastes better than this.

Azhraeya says:

Were you expecting a five star dinner off a dollar frozen food package?.

Monica says:

So funny! “The quality of this photography.”

Chad Cook says:

Cook it in the stove oven and it will actually taste like food.

fasignal says:

I can’t believe 38000 people watched this , This is someone who has absolutely nothing to offer. This crap is full of Genetically Modified Organisums , Yummy

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