Banquet Mega Meal Boneless Fried Chicken Frozen Dinner Review and Recommend

Today we are recommending what I consider the best value in the entire frozen food isle as we present the Banquet Mega Meal Boneless Fried Chicken Frozen Dinner Review


Koji 888 says:

Happy for seeing Q. School finish . Keiko. Osaka

Albert Wesker says:

Wait WTF….1.22!?!? These go for 2.14 (give or take 10cents) where I live!!!

Albert Wesker says:

Definitely agree. I feel gross to admit it but I love those pieces of chicken. . .mac and cheese is good for a warm up too.

kjktex says:

At my Heb they are $2.18

Roland Mendoza says:

banquet is meh….however this one is great great budget meal

Ryan Ramirez says:

I will…remember you…..

Joey Avena says:

Don’t worry I didn’t forget about you guys

John McCormack says:

The illusion of daily videos is shattered…..

John McCormack says:

The chicken in these meals is 100 times better than that Hardees Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.  I pour a little LaChoy sweet n sour sauce over mine for a little flavor..but for $1.25(here)they are pretty good…for a TV dinner.  Nice change of pace review.

Christopher Page says:

Not an hour ago I ate the mega meal salsbury steak meal from banquet and it was so gross..the immitation meat was so mushy! very little potatos…it was cheap at about 2.25…but just skip it..I just wish I hadnt bought two of them:(…thanks for the review

Rob Hardin says:

Thanks for the insider tip. Im gonna snag those up next time.

Ed Gein says:

Congrats Q. Whatever you do, I believe that you will do well as long as you apply yourself.

Papa Jerps says:

So that afterthought Daym knew he couldn’t reach 1 million subs so he’s stealing videos on Facebook and made a page called Daym Drops Entertainment where he has 2.4 million followers. He basically has that many followers because he stealing random videos and putting them under his page now. Talk about a scumbag he will never be you guys or Bruh Man.

Matthew Simmons says:

Isn’t this a coincidence? I was just talking to someone about the Banquet chicken patties I bought to make chicken sandwiches with and when you bite into it all of the chicken is in little cubes compressed into the shape of a patty. Eh, I guess Still probably better than the Great Value ones that are orange from Walmart though.

Brian 1972 says:

My brother is a line supervisor at the conagra plant that produces the patties for all banquet meals. They make the chicken then ship it to the plants that put the meals together.

Clarence Boddicker says:

only in the usa can food be priced like this!!!

Not Aaron. says:

You get to keep that hundo $100 Q. Don’t lose another calculator please.


I didn’t know frozen meals grew on an island in the store

Robin D says:

Greg , I happen to like the corny biscuit brownie .

anokajdm says:

Serious just add 2 hamburger buns and you got an awesome Chicken & Mac and Cheese sandwich

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