Banquet: Salisbury Steak Meal Review

This is a taste test/review of the Salisbury Steak Meal from banquet. It is “gravy and Salisbury steak (made with chicken, pork & beef) with mashed potatoes and corn”. It is 230 calories.

Stouffer’s: Salisbury Steak Food Review

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Samuel Dumas says:

I love it! 😀

John Rouleau says:

It is a good TV meal

Larry Hutton says:

Who in the heck makes a Salisbury steak out of chicken, pork and beef? Salisbury is hamburger. that’s like eating a weiner to look like a pattie.

Tim Kennedy says:

I don’t eat frozen “TV dinners” often because of the sodium, but one of the few I have had is this one. Bought it because it was cheap and I like salisbury steak. I was curious to see what you would say about it. BTW, I had an interesting experience: I accidentally clicked on closed captioning and sometimes what the computer THOUGHT you were saying was hilarious! Keep the good work. I always enjoy your reviews even if I don’t often buy the product.

XzprozX says:

So good so little


Sharon Davies says:

I’ve had very good chefs to teach me, and I still buy these. Add butter and pepper to taste for optimal results.

Jason M says:

i could eat banquet meals for life.. once a day is good by me. nice job on the vid

fireside007 says:

YOU ~ ROCK ! !

kitty friend says:

i never liked these haha, ….whenever i used to eat crappy tv dinners.. cheap Salisbury steak, meatloaf etc… i would always put the meat on some toast or something and make a little makeshift sandwich ha

Corey Williams says:

i used to love the brownies that came with those

Up to traps and trix says:

I remeber my mom buying banquet food when she did not have a lot of money i would always get the chicken nuggets and frys dinner.

Patrice Andrewson says:

I saw that meal at Target before.

SeabiscuitSmile says:

If i were you i would try to find a “Hungry Man Meal” at your local store. They may not be the best for you, but you get a lot of food for what you pay for.
– SeabiscuitSmile p.s. my favorite Hungry Man Meal is the chicken one w/ a brownie dessert.

Alluha Torrrez says:


Sharon Davies says:

I’ve had very good chefs to teach me, and I still buy these. Add butter and pepper to taste for optimal results.

lainey wright says:

Banquet Salisbury steaks taste nasty they use to be good.

LOCO-motix Road and Rail Videos says:

Banquet originally had these in the old ‘boil in bag’ format. They were once awesome. However, these days I find they are pretty much garbage compared to how they once were. They tend to have gristle and bone pieces. Their meatloaf is also not so great. I think the pork rib and Swedish meatballs are their best dinners.

Alluha Torrrez says:

I love Banquet Meals, they keep a lot of poor family’s fed so I will never complain about thier meals! it’s very great priced too! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAT FOR BUDDY!

Shtick Talk says:

I ate those everyday in jail

Louis Laszlo says:

These aren’t really bad, but how hard can it be to fry up a burger patty, take some corn and gravy from a can, and boil a potato yourself?

Kerry Scott says:

I have seen these as low as .89 cents before. It looks better than some of my child’s school lunches! Banquet is probably keeping some families from starving.

TheAirheaded1 says:

I’ve tried these, for .88 it’s some good emergency food, I always scoop the taters and corn into the patty side and get a bite of all 3 at once, helps a lot for me.

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