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I’m doing a food review on Banquet’s Turkey dinner that only cost $1.24 to see if it’s an edible alternative for Thanksgiving dinner for people who can’t spend the holidays with their family. It has roasted turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and sweet peas! Is it any good? Watch and see!


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Rob Brown says:

Thighs are the most flavorfull!

Internet Account says:

This product did a fair job tricking my brain into thinking this is food, 4 out of 10

General Iroh says:

Shout out to Sean Ranklin

Ruby Anderson says:

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s we ate banquet dinners a lot! Turkey was my favorite. You could buy 4 or 5 for a $1. I have to say my memories mouth watered watching this. I love watching your posts Larry. Keep up the good work.

STB 1971 says:

Dark meat-love drumsticks.

Elizabeth Wood says:

I don’t know what kind of hand issues you have, but it looked like you were having difficulty manipulating the spoon here. As an Occupational Therapist, I think you ought to try larger-handled silverware. It’s easier to hold onto and manipulate for those with arthritis, weakness, swelling in the hands, and/or fine motor problems. They make some with 1″ diameter handles, found in durable medical supply stores and online, but I suggest first going to a store and just check out the styles of flatware they sell, and buy a couple sets that simply have larger handles in the design. Thanks for your videos, and Happy Thanksgiving!

ThatBlueMaster says:

I’m pretty sure my school serves this…

Robert Marshall says:

I never understood why people are so willing to eat the white meat off chickens and turkeys. You want flavor grab the dark meat save the white meat for the dogs dinner.

Koji 888 says:

C’mon. .. a one dollar thanksgiving meal. .. it’s a ten if all you gots a buck.

Charles Berg says:

Thank you for eating these vile piles so I don’t have to.

rick m says:

The next meal on the shelf probably had no salt, you should by some scratchers with that luck. lol

Joe K says:

Come get your Sodium with a side of Turkey and gravy

Ben Hopper says:


keriezy says:

It used to have two slices of turkey so they added one more slice of turkey which gives it 50% more turkey.

Roguerunner !! says:

I always put ground pepper on all of it plus put a small blob of butter stirred into the mashed potatoes.

Free Samples says:

Fantastic Miss Larry! Lol Banquet meals always freak me out a little. Great vid!

k0vert says:

Love your content. Cheers from Virginia

Perfect Chaos says:

After watching these videos I just got back from the store with the hungry man and banquet turkey dinners

jay dee says:

Banquet, stopped reading there and began praying for you.

Ammo Man says:

1,460mg of sodium?
Even someone with normal blood pressure better take a diuretic water pill after eating that meal.

gamer dude 6:12 says:

I Like dark meat better myself turkeys and chickens.

Jim Miklas says:

The ingredients list looks terryfing!

Toni Cooper says:

That stuffing on the packaging is def tater tots

We Smoke Bitcoins says:

Well Freedom only costs a Buck O’ Five.

Clay Coates says:

That sounds GOOD that food is going to give you ?
thank you What may be good for you may not
be good for me thank god some one Tried it before me

MO Silver says:


Leroy Brown says:

If you put the turkey and dressing in between two pieces of bread. It cuts through the salt.

Justin LaBoy says:

These meals are garbage and only for desperate times. Marie Calendars are way better

Wildman of the Wynooch says:

Dark meat! I want to genetically modify a turkey to only have dark meat!

SeGa32xXx says:

You’re so talented at this Larry… I suppose your views and subscriber count speak for itself in this aspect however… Thanks so much man, you’re essentially a national treasure. I’m so happy you found your calling in this stuff, and really went for it, all in.

Emerald Emissary says:

Marie Calendar has a meal with two pieces of actual chicken (leg and thigh) mashed, and corn, for less then $3 that is the best, simply amazing. I got em for about a month this year, and they were always sold out or discontinued ever since. Banquet has a $10 box of fried chicken pieces, but you can only buy it at circle K / 711. Grocery Stores don’t carry it, I guess because it competes with their own deli fried chicken.

Tedward says:

The potatoes are better if you add some butter.

dax roger says:

please do the boston market turkey dinner.

Andrew Sheehan says:

I don’t get how they can charge $1.24 for that and it has all of those ingredients. lol

Bananas Ooh nah nah says:

Banquet, more like stankquet am I right?

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