Bowlsh!t – Devour Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Mr. Dirty reviews Devour Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

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Michael Foster says:

no microwave chicken will be crispy, especially if it’s being steamed.

loke vampire says:

love the videos do some hungry man meals or Sasquatch frozen pizza

PoptartBoy says:

This actually looks pretty good, but I’m not too sure about the chicken. I think it would be better if it was shredded chicken or an actually crispy piece.

Danny Burns says:

3:33 somebody is hungry…

Kat R says:

where was the blue cheese? looks like it never showed up to the party. I think it would have been better if they included the blue cheese and the chicken in small packages inside the box. the chicken could be cooked on it’s on like in the toaster oven or whatever (if so desired) and then the chicken and blue cheese could be added in after the fact so the chicken would be crispy.

Berkshire Bacon Lover says:

I have heard some good things about this brand. I will have to try this brand out sometime.

kitty friend says:

I was really curious about this one, (mainly i want to see the chicken) I LOVE buffalo chicken mac, but all the ones I’ve had from the frozen section were kind of meh, nothing was worse than the premade velveeta buffalo mac, it tasted like dog food. (or what dog food smells like, something like that)

Brian Gibbs says:

Ok they make a Pizza it has oven instructions, it oven is the way to go! is 10X better from the I would do both for your test.

Karen Minix says:


Thomas The Dank Engine says:

Best frozen meal ever, better than Stouffer’s

James Crouch says:

You have GOT to be tired of mac and cheese by now. Cracker Barrel has come out with their own line of mac & cheese – but it requires preparation. They have like 4 different types of it at my local grocers. I liked the “original” version, but they had fancy cheddar versions, white cheese versions, etc.

Chris Leisure says:

Seriously? I had 2 bites the threw it in the trash. Nasty chicken, nasty sauce, hard nasty shells.

danbott81 says:

I have that same shirt! Good taste! Lol

James Crane says:

High quality. One of the best frozen dinners I’ve ever had. White meat chicken breaded nuggets do get soggy but not gross. Really decadent mac and cheese for frozen. Blue cheese gives it a real richness. Buffalo sauce is good even if it’s a bit artificial.

kitty friend says:

no gristle!!! – THUMBS UP – that shit grosses me out so much. and I come across it all too often in tv dinners.

bdpalmer75 says:

I actually really enjoy the chicken in the meal. Probably one of the best frozen meals I have ever eaten.

Shanthel Garay says:

I love it

Vortigath says:

Great commentary! You’re one of the first food channels I enjoyed watching the whole way through

manifest 73 says:

Where did you buy the tshirt?

Davesky19 says:

Right on point. I agree that it tastes great but the chicken leaves something to desired. Still better quality than a standard processed chicken nugget though. Also would have been better if they put the bleu cheese crumbles on the side that you could add after heating up the other elements because it’s completely lost.

Dakota Foy says:

these are pretty good but u shouldn’t eat to many of them they have 50 percent of your daily saturated fat allowance and tons of sodium and trans fat.

lura garcia says:

these were 2 for 1 at my 7/11 (lol yes i buy groceries at times there) and i loved this! and LOVED that there was no gristle in the chicken… a gristle made me go vegetarian for 5 years once

D.C. Price says:

Had it today and I thought I would pass out! Surely this must be what heaven tastes like. Thank you for the recommendation.

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