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Dollar Tree FAST FOOD! No need to go to McDonalds for a filet–fish, Wendys for a crispy chick or Dairy Queen for a chili cheese dog anymore!! Which one is better? Are they any good? Watch and see!

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Seymour Butts says:

“The chicken sandwich is a little lighter than the chicken sandwich”

MLGJuggernautgaming says:

You’re better off at McDonald’s at least then it’s somewhat fresh

Joe Silver says:

I like turtles

joonzchoi says:

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein isn’t TVP, it’s more like an MSG substitute.

Kyle Payne says:

The bbq pork rib dollar burger is amazing for only $1

TransGamer Girl says:

I’m kinda disappointed in the hot dog the most of all these, just because its the one when you pulled it out most looked like something edible while the other two looked passable. But then that cut of the hot dog, damn. I’m not the biggest on Hot Dogs, but that’s the most ‘lifeless’ one I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen a hot dog cut /that/ smooth after cooking. The chicken might have been spongy, but it still kinda looked like a chicken patty when cut, same with the fish.

Greoge Brewer says:

doller tree food is one step from eating out of a garbage can

Peter pemrich says:

0:42 you know damn well that was worth more than $20!! There’s at least 30-35 frickin items.


im literally in love w/ the dollar tree but i only get the lays staxx and the snickers crunchy bars the one with the blue wrapper besides that everything else is trash

Zyhir Harris - Mobile Gaming - And More says:

In my opinion dollar tree should close its only for poor people that can’t afford food from WALMART

Jk I always go to dollar tree and I’m not poor lol

Intincer says:

I’m so curious as to who actually buys these

spectreshadow says:

Gods above you are a god among men for eating this dog food.

TheFade says:

That’s definitely the same chicken you get at school

Jeffyfanboi063 says:

I love ❤️ this channel

John Jones says:

Why would anyone do this to themselves

That1Mexican says:

Reminds me of when I was back in elementary.

coolerintext says:

Love your channel love what you do but I’m about to fight you over this one. Those are my fake Foods. All your missing is the cheeseburger

TheWolfePit says:

After many request I got new music….now people want the old music back. Let me know what you guys want. Just reply OLD or NEW this post. THANKS!

Issac Arellano says:

11:17 that’s what she said

HawkFrost • says:

I mean, it’s good for low income Americans. But for the upper class, this will probably suck. For middle class, neutral.

Emerald Wolf YT says:

I remember that chicken patty from my elementary school….. freaky

Yoshi Desu says:

I had hotdogs in mexico at an aquarium, it was all you can eat which says alot, and it had a taste I cant describe. It was extremely gamy. Then I tried the hamburgers saying “This cant be worse than what I get at school” The patties tasted like the freakin hotdogs. What ever company made this im sure they just get this “mystery meat” and add it to all their products and color it. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Henry Blanton says:

Technically you did say ‘health’ food….even though you were being sarcastic

Cameron Peterson says:

Your humor is great and your videos are very informative

dj1200 says:

Please forgive my ignorance but I’ve never been to any of these Dollar type stores, but the stuff they sell there is all stuff that regular stores didn’t sell right? and how about the food? Is it also food that the regular stores didn’t sell or they make this cheap food just to be sold at the dollar stores? I’d imagine that most of this food just ends up in the dumpster, like those paper thin and greenish looking steaks from the other episode.tnx

Sube Tube says:

4:50-5:03 but is the sandwich just edible, and does the bun cover up the spongy texture of the TVP?

ҜᏆNG̝ ᎠᎡᎬ says:

I love pasta sue

Benji Smith says:

The Rib Sandwiches are pretty good I’m this brand.

mr bad example says:

in one of Steven Segal’s movies, he said his dad was a knife sharpener, maybe he can sharpen your plastisu 🙂

lukazz434 says:

How can you americans eat this crap 😛

Buhnana says:

“The chicken sandwich is a little lighter than the chicken sandwich” lol Love your videos Wolfie, keep it up 🙂

EightohEight says:

I used to work at Dollar Tree and I was always disgusted when someone would buy the frozen garlic bread, the smell is beyond horrible

Ben R. says:

Funny I was telling someone about Dollar Tree’s Food today and what it was. I remember when taco bells meat was said to be Grade B dog food. Or not grade A which ever. You ought to try taco bell’s ground beef. That is what nasty bunch. 1000% processed.

chamP _ says:



John Elizondo says:

You missed the mechanically separated chicken meat further down the ingredients lol

Jank says:

High quality

promethazine Codeine says:

Them chicken bitches good when u put the chicken in the oven to get a crust over it and throw them buns in a toaster for a quik sec. But ay i smoke weed so thats probably it..

MrGrimm73 says:

Nold…wait olew….can’t decide

jackal's channel says:

i found a book at the dollar tree for 2,45$

chadpainter1k says:

spicy chicken fast bite add cheese yourself to it for a minute and half delicious

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