El Monterey ghost pepper chimichangas. Frozen Food review

Food review


jason callan says:

I figured they wouldn’t be hot but I would still like to try them for my channel.

SplitRensonator says:

Im literally eating them while I watch this. They have a nice zing, but I’m not sure I’d call them hot even. Spicy, sure. Very tasty. Highly recommended. Would actually be a great way to impress your unadventurous friends…act like you are dying as you ate em lol.

LeftHandPath LoveCraftian says:

Well the reason most fast food items or store bought mass produced items arent super hot or even “hot” when they advertise as ghost pepper or carolina reaper on them is mainly because even though there is ghost pepper or extractives thereof it is very very miniscule amounts because for one they have to sell the product and for two it has to taste good enough that people continue buying them as well as the fact that most people want to try a “challenge” or try something trendy such as hot foods and the super hots even though they never eat over a jalapeno in heat but since almost everyone can tolerate a small amount of ghost pepper to add a little heat and flavor without burning them up completely and making them not buy more then they can still legally use the name as long as it contains “SOME” ghost pepper and in most cases they never contain even a single pepper in total and use extracts or flakes/powders instead of the actual pepper and when mixed with fats it cuts down the heat but as long as it says reaper or ghost pepper on it it is guaranteed to be bought as long as hot foods are trending and while it sucks for chiliheads and addicts as ourselves it is also a good thing because it means more people will be interested and therefore cause more products with super hots in them to be produced to catch onto the bandwagon which will benefit us later on but in the mean time this shitty “hot and spicy” food items meant for mass producing just arent cutting it and we hope it will be hot but seldom is that ever the case but thats the reason why its usually never hot is simply because its meant for the masses and majority of people and not meant to be super hot to fit the heat levels and tastes of the few such as us in the pepper and hot sauces communities so until then this is what were stuck with….items that say *insert super hot pepper name here” and yet only contain a quarter of a reaper or ghost pepper that is spread throughout 20 burritos that are packed with cheese and fats to cut down the spiciness as well so that way they can still have the word ghost pepper or reaper on it without actually being hot but just another buzz word added so that way people will buy it and after trying it and realizing it isnt hot they will buy more just so they can say they can “eat it with no problem and it isnt even hot” hahaha when really a hotter end jalapeno will burn em up and begging for water hahaha but itll get better for us just have to wait for more people to get the craving like we do and become pepper addicts and its already showing because 5 years ago you couldnt find this quantity of hot sauces and gourmet sauces and peppers and prosucts from beef jerky to beer with reapers and such in them and liquors but now you can so were already here and its only going to get better brother but do as i do from almost a years worth of dissapointments now and wasted money lol just stay away from anything thats mainstream at fast food places and at grocery stores that are like walmart or kroger and have products labeled as having ghost pepper or carolina reaper or anything past a habanero because i can guarantee you that over three quarters of the products are not hot whatsoever! Lol

Atelik says:

I just brought these home and ate a couple tonight. The fact they’re selling these as something called “ghost pepper” is misleading

battlestar92 says:

i did this too was disappointed

maulCS says:

Even though they’re not ghost pepper hot, I really like them

super nova 67 says:

These are great B awesome review

Ragabash Moon says:

I just tried these myself today, and I think the problem is that people like me (and probably you) are so used to hot sauces that we aren’t phased. So for the average person yeah these will be hot, but for those of us who can drink bottle of orange habanero sauce and laugh “that’s all you got?” then nothing like this will be hot to us.

I’m reminded of when I went to a Thai restaurant with my uncle. He orders spicy food “Thai Hot” and they ask if he’s sure. He says yes, he can handle spicy food he eats it all the time. They bring it out and he has to send it back. Meanwhile I’m eating my “Thai hot” panang soup and laughing at him.

Mid West says:

But if your a fan of El Monterey it’s the best heat they offer but worst part was I think they changed the wrap because the chimichangas usually are flaky out of the oven but not these Ghost Pepper variety.

thundercatshoooo says:

thanks for that water tip B! gonna have to try that out next time I get a microwave burrito. too bad these aren’t spicy.

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