EPIC Walmart Appetizers Taste Test! – Trying Walmart Frozen Food!

EPIC Walmart Appetizers Taste Test! – Trying Walmart Frozen Food!

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so i just found out that walmart has appetizers and y’all they’re actually really delicious! i got almost every kind of appetizer they had and i did a big taste test! i dont love all of walmarts frozen food, but almost all of these appetizers were good. let me know if you guys liked this taste test video. and tell me what other restaurants or stores you want me to try. thank you guys for watching my food review!


Melanie Palacio says:

omfg when he burped I died ily timmy

Candy Shark says:

563th LIKE

Christine Kryston says:

Hey Timmy sweetie, how long does it take for you to eat the leftovers?

Snare_ trap92 says:

I’m watching you because I simply adore you.

Andrew VanderHeyden says:

Have you ever done an A&W restaurant tasting?

Laci Culley says:

I mean great value is not Walmart brand but at least you tried

Tom Jenkins says:

Look at all the tiny little food haha… much love and tears of laughter from Australia


aa look at all the tiny little food *timato british accent*

Tinka And tiktac says:

“A hint of heat”

Maliza Morgan says:

Why do you always make the whole box?
You could just heat up 2 or 3.

Samantha's Journal says:

I love Pigs in a Blanket. My mom makes them all the time!

cassandra quirino says:

I was watching this while eating soft pretzels with marinara sauce!

Brooke Walters says:

Look at all the tiny food!❤

fat cloud ripper 42069 says:

Did anyone else think he was eating the wrapper?

Monster Reality Shows says:

*Timmy’s British accent* “Look at all the tiny food”
Love ya Timmy

Haley FM says:

hate walmart- but these all look yum

Brit Brats Corner says:

Look at all this tiny littl food! Love you!

Crispy Butter Balls says:

*english/British accent* Look at all the tiny little food!” Seriously, I was pretty satisfied by that crunch from the black bean one :0 they look awesome!

Angel Vee says:

5:46 when I couldn’t tell what was crunch sounds and what was chair sounds hahaha love when you try food! We have similar taste buds so I usually try whatever you say you like. Can’t wait for the next one!

Chelb nabong says:

look at all the tiny little food British Timmy

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