Frozen Blueberry Waffle Frodown: Frozen Food Review Throwdown When perusing the healthy frozen breakfast section you may be forced to make a decision between Vans Gluten and Wheat Free Blueberry Waffles and Kashi Blueberry Waffles. Which one is better? The Frozen Food Master will tell you.


Shane K says:

The Van’s blueberry is the worst waffle I’ve ever eaten. I only bought a box because they were on sale for 79 cents. It tastes like dry, rice flour. Even with butter and syrup smothered over it, it’s still dry and ricey. If you’re used to Eggo Waffles, you’ll be extremely disappointed by the Van’s. There’s no dairy, no eggs in their ingredients. At that point, you’re not even eating a waffle.

Rebecca Steinberg says:

I prefer mah eggos teehee says:

fresh Belgian waffles with melted Belgian chocolate, or nutella

Brian George says:

Fried chicken on my waffles. syrup on everything

Pearlie_ette says:

On occasions, I like Belgian waffles topped with strawberries, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. On an everyday basis, I prefer pancakes. 😉

Joseph Ricciardelli says:

I like big, thick belgian waffles thrown face-down in a pan of butter and sliced bananas so they melt into the waffle with a nice sugary-caramel flavor. Maybe a little bit of syrup and/or powdered sugar or whipped cream on that.

Okay now I’m hungry!

Malcolms Mom says:

Like to make homemade waffles .. Throw some granola in it yummy!

Bryan Fernando says:

I love your reviews. My girlfriend got me hooked. Where do you buy your stuff. I feel like it is more expensive overhere in nyc

tiny2819 says:

i like my waffles the exact same way you do 🙂

umbalaba says:

I like my waffles with goat cheese and/or maple sirup

Lucas Rivera says:

what the heck is gluten?

Joseph Morales says:

I thought vans was a skate board company…

DzekoVelez says:


Goobian says:

In a restuarant I like waffles or pancakes or french toast with strawberries and whipped cream on top. Or syrup with plenty of butter. At home I use strawberry jam instead of the actual strawberries it’s easier that way I think and I have never thought about buying berries myself for that.

Phuong Nguyen says:


toastersXftwX says:

Tasty Blue Waffle

kavvyr says:

finally a frodown!

XaltusMedia says:

@shoe123456789 ewww that makes me loose appetite for a waffle now

DzekoVelez says:

Love Frodowns!

Anton Szandor LaVey says:

If the waffles werent tasty or worth another buy, why would you give them a 4 star?

eimoyano says:

Leave this to Leonard!

PlatypusGuitar says:

I dont like frozen waffles they always leave me hungry. They used to fill me up when I was 8 but not today at 28

c4r50n1 says:

Chowing down on some blue waffles.

MaxiHKC says:

Never really eat waffles,tried some here and there with whipped cream and chocolate. but I went to Belgium last year with my school on a History trip to Ypres, and daaaaaaamn, the waffles were tasty.

thegreatbunsofstone says:

It got a WACK after taste

markpopkie says:

gotta try the kashi pizzas… delicious crust!

Kim Sherger says:

Its a type of flour, Some people cant have it.

EKFiPod says:

Greg !!! You should defiantly do a review on Celeste’s Frozen Pizza =] There my favorite and i’d like to get your feed back on it.

Lebon19 says:

I Have to be honnest… I don’t remember the last time I ate waffles. ..or does it mean that I never ate waffles in my whole life (I’m 23)?

OfficerMcGroist says:

@gramerpolise totinos party pizzas blow.

aquenita27 says:

QOTD: I prefer french toast, but my husband is in the military and currently stationed overseas. He says that his squadron, because of their wacky schedule, doesn’t really have time to sit down for a meal, so the majority of the guys toast/warm up an eggo waffle and put peanut butter on them before running out. When I can,I ship my husband and the guys some other condiments also,like nutella & almond butter.

Mike Cromwell says:

@mike4444440 It’s Van’s, not Vans

Hannz YU says:

@shoe123456789 haha my frend saved pics of bluewaffle all over my phone and made it my wallpaper.. it was hard trying to delete without looking.

Nick says:

I can’t watch this video without thinking about blue waffle D:

Lucas Rivera says:

@shoe123456789 eeeeeeew.

Iron Golem says:

I used to toast 3 eggos and smear butter and crunchy peanut butter and syrup on each and stack’em up. I remember I liked that sorta thing. It’s not something I do anymore.

Cdogmaximilian says:

So rediculous. good fun though

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