Frozen Breakfast Showdown – Frozen Food Reviews

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Today Ian reviews some frozen breakfasts.

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Blueis Notgreen says:

This video was entertaining though you sound like you’re on Thorazine

Mango Turtlenova says:

The flute broke me
That’s all I needed

Andrew Finch says:

“Microwave on 30% power for 1 minute, microwave on high for 40 seconds….

That’s a pain.” xD

beck0n says:

I live for brutalfoods

smokedpone says:

Ian is the only youtuber I’ve ever seen that’s so entertaining, he makes me WANT to watch the sponsored ads in his videos.

Kaylee Cooper says:

dude i’m fucking both about to piss myself, throw up, and/or cry laughing at your editing style. thank u for being u

Umbra says:

Sprite Cranberry review when?

Kongaslam says:

This made me feel happy on the chart.

aenoire says:

the pancakes and sausage were amazing, i grew up eating those every morning. they weren’t that sweet when i was a kid at least but they’re VERY greasy and can give you the shits

Salty Pumpkin says:

Why is the banquet one called a pot pie? That’s just a pie?

Be Feerless says:

Folgers coffee?

Diana Johnson says:

This video makes me feel like soggy bread

Thatzer says:

omg, Ian thank you! I hate my bread being moist or even kinda wet I always felt so alone. I feel so much better now.

Peanut Butter Villain says:


Senertyk says:

My childhood died when Ian disliked the pancake sausage on a stick. :/

Channel Squad says:

I feel like 24:00 means that he should do a fast food showdown

Penguin says:

I don’t know why I am here. This video just kinda popped in my recommended but you now have a new subscriber

edamamely says:

i *_live_* for his edits

Trevor Wolf says:

Your editing skills are A1

ChristianC says:

23:53 Wait, was that an Ys sound effect?!

Tim Garemore says:

Ian’s editing style is like the perfect. Midpoint. Between Bill Wurtz and iDubbbz

TheCynicalDouche says:

Dude, you have some next level video editing skills. It’s not annoying at all like some people… there’s a lot of it but it all flows well and works.

gravecactus says:

made from scratch? how is any factory-food made from scratch? sigh labels have no meaning.

AntHoney says:

Mystery science theater 3000

Fuzon-S says:

Watched for the breakfast meals

Stayed for the Ed Edd n’ Eddy style video editing

GirlWithWayToManyFandoms says:

I need that coffee mug.

nickdanger12345 says:

Damn with the 200k views on a food review my dude. Straight killing it.

winterbeat says:

I almost choked so many times while eating and watching this.

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