Maybe I’m special but I was a bit taken a back by a fully frozen cheeseburger that you can eat after microwaving it for only 2 minutes! It’s almost like a cheeseburger in a can but it’s in a box!! What do you think about it?

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I was looking for something unique to try when I found this Australian cheeseburger by ‘on the menu’ at Coles. Two minutes in the microwave, how can this be?!


ahmed allam says:

I am first fan to you, please put a replay or like to my comment:-)

Any Bam says:

did you ever try mini hamburgers?Greetings from germany elly❤

Mega ClanGaming says:

Try Irish candy

8001maya says:

Ellay wanna kiss ur lips after u tasted it

Gwym says:

So essentially, American McDonald’s


still Germans here? = immer noch deutsche da?

PikaPlays says:

Try Irish food!!

Mickey Mouse says:

I wanna see you review Handapants ! Have you ever ate at Whitecastle ? King of the Sliders or small burgers !

Jordan Tovey says:

Handerpants? OMG Elly your so funny!!

Keegan Rae says:

I like your old intro better

Elvis S says:

Here in the US it’s even worse. We sell frozen burgers where I work and I sometimes eat them when I don’t have anything else. They don’t even have those crisper tray things. It’s just a burger in a plastic wrapper. I just open the wrapper and sit it on top of the box, then place the whole thing in the microwave and stand there for two minutes contemplating where my life went wrong.

Elijah Boisvert says:

Awesome INTRO!

Ben Haskett says:

Where r these in Coles I need to buy one

Dannon Day says:

One, these have been around forever. Two, the chicken one is so much better

Toni Icarus says:

Thats not new, but okay lets test

Jessie Collins says:

Are you ever going to go back to making the App videos? 🙁

Terri Durham says:

I thought she sounded so serious then the price is right hands came out and said “the frozen cheeseburger”. I just laughed.

djteac says:

Elly, would you be interested in a cheeseburger in a can? We got a company in Germany who’s producing those for hiking lol

Rajiv Ram says:

Hey +Elly Awesome..!!
I’m Rajiv From India..Uh have tasted almost all foods and candies from other parts of the World..!! But..I have never seen or tasted an Australian Candy or Food..!! Plzz Elly…Can Uh Do it for me..!! It will be not a difficult one for uh 😉 !! And btw..Uh are really too awesome..Ur Smile and Acting..Jus..Just Amazing..!! We Indians Love Uh and ur Channel..!! God Bless Uh.!!

SlyPearTree says:

I’m pretty lazy and eat frozen food every week but I don’t see the point of this when you can buy frozen hamburger patties that taste good and make a real hamburger or cheese burger in less than 15 minutes.

DerpyGuts says:

pause the vid at 2:44 and her face is priceless

James Russell says:

Ew gross! 😀 I bought one of those from the serve-o one night.
I sware they moulded the pattie from Pedigree Dog Food or something lol.

Pierre O. Park says:

I thought about trying one of those a long time ago, but I got strawberries, eggs and milk instead and made strawberry muffins instead.

D-D-D says:

In Brazil Frozen Cheeseburger exist for a long long time. And in some city they really sucks, cause if get defrosted for some reason, they will taste really bad, and the bread gets hard as steel.

TeamKit says:

To freeze something is a natural way of preserving some thing so no need to add chemicals

Suryashekhar Das says:

you should definitely try out ramen noodles specially the ones from our country taipei china 😀

remedywithin says:

Gross! The eww

andreea says:

I am so happy that you’ve made a ‘tasting romanian snacks’ video, that is how I found your channel and I have to say that you are amazing ❤️

Agent Carolina says:

So this is what humankind will be saving up on if Yellowstone blows

Judokast36 says:

“It doesnt taste much of meat or bread”..that is because there is neither in that, lol.

Jordan Nelson says:

We’ve had these forever in England XD

keith lawrence says:

This one won’t load?

Sam Cash says:

These are my childhood. I prefer the Chicken one though haha

Ana. Si.Altele says:

Gata. Recunosc !…sunt româncă!Hai România .Acum se uită americanii si zic:What?

pew2007 says:

Hard to justify a frozen cheeseburger when Maccas and HJs have cheap burgers for a couple bucks

croxzy1 says:

These arent new to australia been around for years. I remember trying them around year 2000

AMV king says:

No more gadgets and apps I guess?

KHGuitarFreak1988 says:

Oh mate. I thought we can now eat a burger straight out of the freezer

Shafaqat Ara says:

Love u Elly

Mr. Pandabites says:

Yay! Try more gross stuff like this. Gross-out food videos are internet gold.

Justin Felderhof says:

Hey ELLY! Can you please do another Livestreams and we could have live chats or something!

Madalin Ionut says:

The African Childs can eat the CheeseBurger.

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