Frozen Chippy Cheese Snacks – Junk Food Review

Today on brutalfoods, I’m taste-testing some Mac n’ Cheetos and Doritos Loaded! Plus maybe a little bonus thing at the end, I don’t know.
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[[[[ARCHIV3[[ says:

i wish that they would use the mozarella cheese, because that sounds pretty good.

apple milk says:

my favourite crisp is the fish and chip ones that they made when i was a child, stop production for a decade and then brought them back a couple years ago. theyre basically a cracker flavoured with salt and viniger powder.
dissapointed that i was never able to find the loaded doritos in my local stores.

Pandefly says:

my favourite part of these videos are the dramatic readings of the product reviews

lio says:

LOVED that postwist at the end of the Food Review, and the fact you could come up with this madman of a plan and actually pull off an edible piece just goes to show how much your culinary skills have improved since the first BrutalFood video.
Gratz on becoming a better person while maintaining your creativity at an all-time high.

ps: loved the *plop* sfx cameo, hope it becomes a recurrent one <3

Ruth R says:

Oh gosh, Ian, really love your cooking videos, They remind me of the TV I used to watch in my dreams when I was a teen (90s). Back then nothing like this existed so it felt special to see all the random funny stuff mixed with an actual review. I remember waking up laughing out loud from the comedy and randomness of it all.

Thank you for making these videos and for all the time and attention to detail. They are highly entertaining and my heart appreciats them. Love n peace brother. 🙂

TheComicCrafter says:

Personally, I hated the Burger King Mac n’ Cheetos; they didn’t taste like Cheetos and had ridiculously sharp cheese that made them super-bitter. Might have to try the frozen ones, though!

Mukund Purandare says:

cool ranch too

lemmingscanfly5 says:

You look like a gay pirate.

Pixelated Sailor says:


natalexandra77 says:

If you ever are trying to make stuff into a powder, try putting it into a zip lock bag and beat it with a rolling pin. It works well in my opinion.

Elstree says:

Nice shirt.

Draliseth says:


giraffeman13 says:

This was legit. Now I know how to make mozzerella sticks XD

Excadrill 57 says:

Don’t let the devil consume your bum bum!

aaron laluzerne says:

Brutalmoose, you should try making variant cakes base off of recipes off the internet.

Xelights says:

Doritos Pure Paprika = Master Race

Bob Bobertsin says:


natemo82 says:

Doritos salsa verde is my favorite . Though original Bugles kick any Doritos flavor in the ding ding.

Ike Santiago says:

i prefer nacho huh doritos

I Accidentally Myself says:

Demon triangles

Christoff Turner says:

cool ranch ftw

Zachary Jarocki says:

“satanic fluids” what the fuck? XD

Mukund Purandare says:

I eat the cool ranch

Wisteria Dunham says:

I like natcho cheese more then the cool ranch.

Daddy Ascii says:

I remmember something similar to 3d doritos and it was really good. Too bad I live in britan now and the selection of chips is very barebones here.

Pikachu 7210 says:

Great video! 🙂

Zaekk says:

If you fry a lot of stuff I suggest getting a (fine mesh) ‘spider’ so you can skim the oil of little particulate that floats off.
Also I like your hair.

Loxirika SocksRock says:

Dude you need to just start a cooking channel for people with the munchies!

apple milk says:

“little frozen triangle squares” that row of words baffles my brain

KitMin211 says:

Great video as always, love ya Ian

srvfan42 says:

Damn man, what’s your teethcare routine??

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