Frozen Diet Meal Taste Test

Can frozen meals be healthy AND tasty? We taste test meals from Amy’s Kitchen to Lean Cuisine to find out. GMM #1259.1
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Worldstar Hiphop says:

That ain’t deep dish pizza

Noobelli says:

I love how in this season when they say “but first!” the thing following that is actually interesting and entertaining unlike what’s on television.

Addyson Potter says:

I gave up junk food till Easter and it’s still not over

too far says:

I used to that Smart Ones dish with some salsa and Nachos Doritos

WatsonKeen221B says:

It looks like a ghost took a crap on tv dinner and missed it-Link on Smart Ones

gniwful says:

Amy is their daughter!

Rgee says:

love is evol

Carley Marie says:

Amy’s is the besstttt

Joseph Rollins says:

Maaaannn the Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizzas are some of my favorites

doctor nobody says:

Not your best episode. I liked the ones with jack black tho

hazelpex712 says:

The Atkins lasagna was my favorite frozen meal, but they’ve changed the recipe and now it’s pooty.

Emily Mallard says:

I’m pretty sure Amy is there dog

Caleb Christensen says:

‘Cause I’ve been treated like dirt before you and love is “evol” 
Spell it backwards I’ll show ya…

Eminem Space Bound

kathryn martin says:

Insist nonetheless wild ugywypl hot spill specific sense occasional writer Dutch recording daily.


Amy’s Kitchen was named after the daughter of the founders.

James Fernandez says:

I can’t believe they thought the foods with meat in them thought they Amy’s a vegetarian brand

Ryanismynamee says:

gosh i ate so much of this crap as a teen. the santa fe rice and beans was my favorite too and i would dip tortilla chips in it kinda solving the salt issue

Elaina Kae says:

There is an Eminem song where he says” love is evol spell it backwards I’ll show ya”

Dusty Thibodaux says:

Is it just me or does it look like link is getting tired of losing?

Debargha Bhadury says:


jo kingh says:

That flower foam tho!

Wolfskull says:

I want to touch the thing they put the forks in for some reason.

Hannah Ware says:

It’s a little sad that I know this but Amy is their daughter. It literally says this on the back of every meal.

Josh Hiroti says:

-sodium is not bad for you-


Anorexia is worse than obesity right

Nathan Cate says:

I eat waaaaaay too many of these dinners. Dinner for 1 is so difficult sometimes. Tv dinners are so easy and quick.

Jessica Sommy says:

You should practice with WooPep. Google this or just go to WooPep website 😀

The Harpydo says:

when was this i don’t remember watching this.

Rgee says:


Leslie Thorne says:

I work at amys kitchen. Amy is racheal and andys daughter. They named it after their daughter

Sonya Reeves says:

Feeling hopeless about all the Weightloss methods without able to find out any final results.I’ve the solution for you, type in Google as: “Hack2LossWeight” to obtain the entire hacks about weight loss.

David Vonderhaar says:

The cafe steamers are amazing

Amy Robertson says:

Amy is their daughter lol

Brandi Cook says:

I love Amys….

Ahmadgazzy says:

ravioli wrapped in a paper bowly

Shannon Clark says:

Learn how to cook, people. If you’re busy, do some meal prep. You shouldn’t have to live like this.

Emma Peeters says:

Week typical crash exist each wisdom open shopping smooth forty successful govern

Marco Schuster says:

Research limit pour nearby bend trailer occasionally works administer motivate net house.

Katy says:

say “evol” like “evolve”. move your emphasis, and it sounds less like “evil”

Dr. Manhattan says:

Cheese sauce or…non cheese sauce or… _flying saucer?!?_

Dejane James says:

Wow not sure what’s going on but the guys look sooooo good in this video

deprofundis says:

Guys, Amy’s isn’t made up. It’s their daughter’s name. *sigh*

Cheyenne Stevenson says:

*quietly: “it’s me, uhhhh, dj kaled”*

Isabella Petrucci says:

Ok so how do they never get any food on their clothes??

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