Frozen food reviewer goes viral after calling it quits on camera

After six years of reviewing frozen food online, Gregory Ng decided to quit on camera. The episode has since gone viral. Don Dahler reports.


ItsMeCam says:

LMAO you fags at CBS think 200.000 views are considered “viral”? Loll

ronjon83 says:

News has really gone to absolute fucking shit…

Anthony White says:

This is beyond pathetic. This guy probably just wanted to end the show entirely, but wanted to get noticed while doing it so he basically made that final video. The fact that he basically said “fuck you” to the people who were loyal to him and who had watched his videos since day 1 shows his true colors and his true feelings towards those people. They were nothing more but dollar signs to him. It’s sad that people are still holding out hope that he will come back to the show. And it’s sad that we’ve come to a world where instead of going out gracefully and being honest about something, we now have to make a big spectacle all for views. This man is an attention whore who’s laughing at the people falling for this public spectacle. Truly disgusting.

Mr. Poopy Butthole says:

Shut up Anthony.

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