Frozen Food Reviews:Eugenio’s Four-Cheese Pizza

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Golden Santa says:

Wow, community is my fav show!! I can’t believe this is s actual channel!!

bad1080 _ says:

so juliette binoche is a frozen pizza that gets his oven going??? o.0

Charles McBrian says:

This shit’s streets ahead

Maplebaconz says:

First off, would someone please explain to me why, in the age of digital streaming, I have to pay late fees for the movies I rent. I’m a responsible person, I pay my taxes. Seriously, I’m not trying to be a dick about this. I really want to know. It seems to me that the only competitive advantage these retail stores have over the internet is face-to-face customer service. So why are you working so hard to make me not want to talk to you, just because I kept Dan In Real Life a couple extra days. There were a lot of special features, and I didn’t ask my daughter for a blu-ray player not to see them all. Oh, and by the way? What happened to the days when these rental jockeys would actually WATCH the movies they have, so they could give you recommendations instead of just standing there like “Duh, doy, yeah I guess there’s probably nudity in Dan In Real Life.” Well, guess what, Chelsea. THERE ISN’T. That Juliette Binoche though. Va-va-VA-va-VOOM. That’s one frozen pizza that gets MY oven going at 350 degrees. Anyway, (hit) me up on the comments side, unless you’re a hater. Or catch me on twitter at @leonard_GCC. And remember: see something, say something.

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*This version cuts out the edges of the original text, but the episode this comes from (S3 E9: Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism) has the original text. Yep, you heard right. This isn’t the original. There never was an original. I never did understand why they go through the trouble to make a fake Youtube video when they could just make a real one and record that. But this just shows how dedicated the ones who watch Community to actually go out of their ways to make a fake Youtube and Twitter account a full year after the episode aired, because they know that people like them will look for them.

DivineJynx says:

OMG IT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

inaya onley says:

shut up leonard whats the point of reviewing frozen pizza

MoonFace says:

shut up Leonard I herd about your crooked weiner

AdvancedLive Stunts says:

Shut up Leonard, you smell like rotten to fu

Krubbe K says:

hi leonard. you are one hardcore pizza gangsta! love it! I hope you are still alive to read this.

Ibrahim Haidara says:

He threw the pizza away!!!

Spoogebooge says:

Finally, someone who reviews frozen pizza. Always thought this was an untapped audience! you’re right guys, we are a community! Such a friendly subscriber base!

Cpt Dubstep says:


TheCardNerd says:

I’ll send you to tinkle town

Ibrahim Handren says:

Shut up leonard i know about your gambling problem

Jeremey Manuelpillai says:

30 people expected a real pizza review XDDD

Robz Gee says:

Currently watching community. One of the best shows

Adam Johnson says:


caitlyn who r u says:

I thought this was fake at first when I saw it omg

Xiane Styles says:

if you watch the episode this came from, you’ll see that Leonard uploaded this video on November 26, 2011 but if you listen to the video, he says that its November 29th….

David Wyatt says:

Shut up, Leonard. I heard about your crooked wang.

Faisal Plays says:

this is amazing

Bongo Dave says:

I miss that show so much!

Idle Thought says:

Jacques Slade at the end there (he’s done some of the best Community songs, like Night Cap, I Never Die and Pierce’s revenge rap)

Nick Umphrey says:

haha that 1 second pink screen at the end is the best part of the entire episode

TheCardNerd says:

Shut up Leonard , I know about your third nipple

Jango McDoodleBob says:


MpBrYce says:

Shut up Lenard I know about you’re crooked wang!!!!!

Ollz Edits says:

He creeps me out

TheBroMoe says:

Shut Up Leonard!

Hector Ferrer says:

pop pop!!!!

poufman says:

Where is his outfit of the day chanel ?
I need it !

lukeG503 Studios! says:


CroGaming says:

Shut up Leonard, I talked to your son on family day. I know all about your gambling.

KJ G says:

What is the song at the end of the video?

JMait says:

I’m watching this right now, wtf!!! TWICE!

K S Hoy says:

Wth its real. I thought i was just being extra by looking it up lmao

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