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Frozen pizza has come a long way. Consumer Reports taste tests more than a dozen individual-size pizzas. Some even rival the big-name pizza chains. Read the full report:


wotan237 says:

Red baron sucks. My dog would not eat the leftovers.

TheRockKid5 says:

So this is what the news is nowadays lol

B-MAN says:

I’ll have my Pizzaville thanks can’t wait to get back to Canada.

M Pacheco says:

Costco has its own frozen brand of pizza in a 3-pack. very good. lots of crust

sicklight says:


Random Videos says:

pack of 4 in canada

Mario K says:

This was not a review!! Where is the rest of the brands?

TekReviews says:

Amazing how these videos are less then 2 minutes long. It’s like there website, unless your a subscriber you can’t see any of there “test reports”.

Vulgora says:

wtf ? what about digorno!?

RJ Walker says:

Home Run Inn and Archer Farms -(Target’s) frozen pizza’s, are the two best frozen pizza’s on the market by far. As good as some take out pizza”s. They both partially precook the pizza, which I think is the secret.

lidsman22 says:

We have Home Run Inn here in South Carolina.

thwipp89 says:

trader joe’s has some really good frozen pizzas and i also like california pizza kitchen’s original (non-thin) crust pizzas. freschetta is not bad, aswell.

Estelle Forson says:

Home run inn is definitely the best frozen pizza hands down, taste like restaurant quality pizza

fmthebaron says:

Amy’s Pizza is the best of these.

Blue Ocean says:


Mc Swabin says:

well, you burned everyone of those pizzas so how good could have they been?

KvltKommando says:

Digiorno is good, AS LONG YOU DON’T OVERCOOK IT. The microwave versions are a little off tasting, the oven ones are good though.

Red Baron deep dish is pretty damn good, but has the same off taste as the microwave digiornos, probably because they’re cooked on the same ‘patented’ heating surface.

Thin crust is always shit, next topic.

Stouffer’s has that same weird microwave taste the ones mentioned before had and tastes a little worse because it’s not even pizza dough, just french bread, and frozen french bread at that.

never had home run inn, guess i’ll try it next.

bagelboi66 says:

The message I take away is that while some brands are standouts, the industry has upped their game compared to years ago when frozen pizza was generally a mediocre version of take out.
In Canada Dr. Oetker makes a decent line of thin-crust pizza. The DiGiorno line is called Delissio in Canada but the only pizzas in their line that I find edible are the square thin-crust versions.
Frozen pizza is certainly cheaper than most delivery anyway.

MtMz says:

Consumer Reports depends on donations and paid subscribers, since they don’t accept advertisements from the companies they test. Their videos and free website pages provide more info on how CR reviews its products and what its reviewing, than the actual results of its tests. Help CR with its mission, and see the final detailed results for yourself. IMO, its worth the price.

TheJds1993 says:

My favorite is Red Baron

914050a says:

The cardboard box is better quality than Dominoes and Pizza Hut. Good quality pizza is not particularly expensive or hard to find. Most towns have a local pizza place that blows the delivery guys away.

Johnny Smith says:

So cnet think this is useful?

Nicholas Whitman says:


NGMonocrom says:

Got to admit, the Red Baron Deep-dish Pizza is delicious. But often rather pricey. As for their regular frozen pizza … Definitely NOT worth it.

r1pster says:

digorno sucks

bmwmsport11 says:

i think Celeste makes the best pizzas. i have never tasted Home Run Inn.

SeeSiglerSave says:

Never heard of Home Run Inn. Chicago only?

Ryushi Shiratori says:

The celeste pizzas taste like total ASS. The digiorno ones are significantly better.

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