Frozen Pizza – The Glory Days

Reminiscing about my days of living the Frozen Pizza life. I take a real trip down TV dinner memory lane, reflecting on my reviews, while wearing a black vest, sweater, wing collar and red necktie.



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Mark Johns says:

After God told me how to cook a frozen pizza I still screwed up. Please forgive me.

Mr C says:

You remind me of Bud Cort from the movie Harold and Maude… The resemblance is uncanny. Thumbs up if you agree

Sugarpappy420 says:


Clean With Confidence says:

I was one of the ones that didn’t like the new Digiorno sauce from 2014. I quit buying the pizza when they came out with that.

pinkiceygirl says:

I suppose we are one of the few because I loved the new recipe that digorno pizza had adopted at the time and I thought it was a huge step up in quality. I don’t know why people wanted to go a step back alas.

SilentSloth says:

Review Burger Kings Sourdough King!

Dazz 2ND says:

What about the boneless pizza lol

Reflacius says:

Frozen pizza is complicated. You have to take the pizza out of a box and put it in the oven and wait.

Dustin B says:

The frozen pizza scene hasn’t changed a lot since the glory days but that’s not a bad thing. We’re still riding high on the rising crust wave. And frankly the fact that the gluten free and boutique flavors haven’t taken off is a good thing if you ask me.

Comanche Viper says:

So you can around down to the local Piggly Wiggly and bought a cheap frozen pizza? Or even dollar tree or Family Dollar? Because your video or rolls for Cole. Your artistry skills however are lacking LOL next time just bring for the tombstone frozen pizza LOL

OGBlazer says:

Why is almost half this video explaining what a frozen pizza is?

HandsOnFire says:

Review some recreational edibles 🙂

danhjnny says:

Take a shot every time he says “frozen pizza”


Shannon Bee says:

When you’re writing an essay on frozen pizza and need to hit the word count

420brownbrown says:

How about you describe how you wrestle that milky fat cock into your trousers each morning.. these pizza’s may be frozen, but I’d bet my house that, that meat bat, is scorching hot !!!

Mark Moavero says:

Don’t ever collab with Ken Domik. If he comes calling, just say NO!

DankBuddhaStank says:

not all frozen pizzas are circles you douchebag

Steve Garnham says:

My fav frozen pizza of all time was the old Tony’s Pizza with the little pepperoni’s. Don’t know why they switched to the large tasteless pep but it hasn’t been the same ever since. The little crispy pepperoni’s with the grease pools in the middle was the best. Was my go to late night drunken snack. Could eat a whole pie all by myself like it was nothin.

RN Michael Creech says:

My God you need fresh blood to return the faint blushiness we used to, soo waxy count Brah

Hakon Snær Hjaltested says:

Take a shot every time he says “Frozen pizza”

slash box says:

can some one write the instructions for my?
sorry for the broken english

Lake God says:

Did you put the Pizza Survey at the beginning Review Brah? Or was that the proverbial unicorn, the topic related ad?

Andiamo D'Orazio says:

Costco’s frozen pizza is the best frozen pizza around imo. It’s not the take and bake, it’s in a box (4 in said box). There’s pepperoni and cheese, I go for the cheese. It’s even better when you grease the pizza pan with some high quality extra virgin olive oil.

It has a slightly thin crust but it’s really high quality. I’ve also had all of the brands Reviewbrah mentioned, and the Kirkland brand is the best I’ve had

Bladee1000 says:

this is MY president

Anonymous1 O1 says:

Play fortnite

Rose Russell says:

Review Hershey’s gold bar

Reflacius says:

y do u eat in a suit and tie

Ryan Miller says:

Hope you’re safe from that storm Reviewbrah! Get in that underground shelter we all know you have in the backyard.

TGabrielC13 says:

What the f!@#$…. I just got a “Desire” Riviera advertisement before the vid started. A resort… advertising public nudity…. LOL

Ryan Thomas says:

“The frozen pizza scene.” LOOOOOOOOOL

Satnav says:

frozen pizza is a type of…. food,

sL FoxScout says:

“*Frozen pizza is a type of food…that you consume*” -Review Bruh 2018

summit says:

Thanks for describing frozen pizza review brah, I was really confused on what you were talking about.

sL FoxScout says:

Do monster hydro review

Johnny Komatsu says:

Johnny has heard of this ‘Frozen Pizza’ you speak of. Strangely fascinating.

Akindu Dasanayake says:

I always love how Reviewbrah is able to maintain this underlying sense of playful sarcasm while remaining so genuine and wholesome.

feroui hamza says:

thanks again for dissolving those mysteries,and giving other secrets of the universe
i can’t even imagine what would have happened to the world without reviewbrah

Jacob Riet says:

Looks like a rat in a villian suit

RideTheLighting93 says:

Our lord has graced us once again

Cdog 92704 says:

Not sure if it just me , but dang Brah your fingers are long. Awesome!

Sullivan Da Con says:

The death of a disco dancer.

herrskymarshall says:

And they said Seinfeld was a show about nothing.

VanillaWhispers ASMR says:


tommy guns says:

Dudes a shill for the NWO

AncientOmega127 says:

Yummy yum yum yum

I don’t know where I’m going with this

Satnav says:


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